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Friday Roundup: Are You a Small-Sized “Large?”

I had great feedback on my first roundup last week and yes, I am doing it again this week. Today I share a real-life anecdote about how muscle changes your body along with a thought-provoking message from a fellow blogger. How Clothes Fit When You’re Fit I was at one of those “I-wish-I-was-rich” workout clothing stores (not a good thing as I’m severely addicted to workout clothes), trying on various wish-list items. I went through about 10 small and medium sizes {Read More…}

Getting a Workout at the FitSocial Conference ’13

Among the most popular activities at fitness and blogging conferences are the exercise classes. They’re a chance to try something new and get a workout in, but I’ve typically seen conferences as a chance to recover a bit from my own workouts. Plus I’m usually already familiar with most of the classes and spend my time either socializing, resting, or exploring. (Although I enjoyed taking a Technogym Kinesis class at FitSocial ’12 and I sampled Total Gym at Fitbloggin ’13.) {Read More…}

Learn and Connect at the FitSocial Conference

I ‘m getting excited about the FitSocial Conference – a social media and fitness/nutrition event held here in Boulder and Denver. If you don’t live here it’s an excellent opportunity to get a little taste of Colorado, meet people in your field, and optimize your blog. (The aspens aren’t quite turning yet but it’s crisp and sunny – except when it’s storming, oy!) What exactly is the FitSocial Conference? Besides a chance to stay in hotels right in my own {Read More…}

Friday Roundup: What Caught My Attention This Week

I’m starting a weekly roundup of fitness and nutrition topics I found interesting throughout the week along with what’s happening on da blog. We made it through some crazy weather and flooding here in the Denver/Boulder and I’m grateful we’re safe and sound. Two Articles of Interest I was intrigued by two articles in particular this week (let me know your thoughts below). Fitspo Controversy If you follow Bret Contreras, you know he’s the popular “Glute Guy” and authority on {Read More…}

The Best Exercises for Your Weightlifting Routine

You decide it’s time to update your weightlifting routine, so you spend oodles of time pouring over magazines and online resources to find the “best” exercises. You find a few exercises that look new and cool and they promise to sculpt those areas you want. So you start your new workouts and love them – for awhile. Until you realize your butt still looks the same and you’re not even breaking a sweat anymore. The problem with using random exercises in {Read More…}

How Candy as a Reward Degrades Healthy Nutrition in Schools

When we think of nutrition in schools, we think of school lunches. It’s pretty well-established that when kids eat junk, lethargy and apathy can set in – not a great environment for learning. And of course, we want to teach our kids healthy eating habits. Feeding kids cheeseburgers and pizza every day clearly isn’t the best way. So while there’s been resistance to making school lunches healthier, nutrition in schools has come a long way. This is due to proactive {Read More…}