Archives for July 2013

How to Get to Pull ups Faster Using Bands

When I tell clients we’ll be doing pull ups, they’re almost always excited. There’s something empowering about actually raising your body through space using your own strength – unassisted. That’s why I use pull-up bands with clients… to get them there more quickly and reliably. What is a pull up exactly? It’s a compound upper-body movement in which you hold a bar with your hands and pull up until your chin moves past the bar. In this way, pull ups {Read More…}

Workout Tunes without Wires: Freedom Found

Workout music fuels me when I’m crushing it in the gym and there’s no denying it. Sure, I can strength train to the sounds of a clanking iron and idol chatting, but I much prefer pump-up music blasting bass as I eke out that final rep. I used an MP3 player for several years until I discovered iHeart radio (and my fantastic Armin Van Buuren station). After that, enjoying workout tunes involved stuffing my iPhone down my shorts and trying {Read More…}

Cool Soybeans! I Went to Fitbloggin ’13

Fitbloggin has been described as “summer camp for fitness bloggers,” and after spending the weekend in Portland with old and new friends, I can see why. It’s a mix of personal fitness trainers and writers (like me) and people who simply want to better themselves and blog about it. I’ve attended two other health blogger conferences (FitSocial), but Fitbloggin came along first and has a bit of cult following. Sure, people come to learn about how to draw readers to {Read More…}