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Why You Shouldn’t Go to Failure When You Strength Train

Most likely you’ve heard the mantra, lift to failure. In strength training, this is common advice to ensure that the muscles are sufficiently fatigued (and swole enough to be in beast mode). In fact, training to failure is a principle routinely used by bodybuilders to elicit the most muscle gains possible.   “Training to failure” means lifting a weight so heavy that you have extreme difficulty completing or cannot complete the last one or two repetitions in a set. Some would {Read More…}

7 Stepping Stones to Body Love

Long before images of perfect, six-pack abs and lithe, youthful actresses dominated the media, women were terribly hard on themselves. It continues today, maybe more so than ever: If our bodies don’t meet our stringent personal or cultural standards, we indulge an ongoing internal flogging: “I hate my legs.” “I’m so fat. I’m disgusting.” “I can’t even fit into my clothes. I hate my body.” As a trainer and coach I hear comments like these often, and I always flinch {Read More…}

Using Protein for a Leaner, More Muscular Physique

When I look at what and when my clients eat, I frequently notice a trend of low-protein breakfasts and snacks spaced inconsistently throughout the day. While it’s true that most Americans get more than the daily recommended allowance (which is too low according to some experts), using lean protein in your clean-eating diet to lose weight and gain muscle is smart – and numerous studies back this up. Protein for Fat Loss When it comes to losing body fat, it’s {Read More…}