Of Self-Doubt and Forging Ahead (and Happy 3rd Blogiversary)

If you’re looking for positives about getting older, you may not see them until you’re actually there. I knew I was suffering badly during my 20’s, but it’s only now that I can look back and see how far I’ve come. I was a late bloomer; I didn’t develop true self-confidence until after I had my daughter and returned to strength training.

My wiser, broader perspective made me realize that  comparing myself to others is a losing game. While competing can be a good thing to keep us pushing harder, comparing  feeds insecurities that are already too powerful. At this point I simply don’t have time to pay attention to my insecurities; I’m too busy enjoying what I like about myself and my life. But  it can be a good thing to air them out on occasion; when exposed to the light of day we might just see that our own insecurities are strengths, not weaknesses.

So on this third anniversary of WorkoutNirvana.com, a time when I feel so much gratitude to you for reading and following this blog, for being my clients, and for connecting with me here and elsewhere on the interwebz, I expose my own sometime-self-doubts for what they are: strengths disguised as weaknesses:

I’m not particularly “young” according to cultural standards and I got into the fitness industry relatively late in the game. But I’ve been lifting weights for over 15 years and I’ve never had as much energy, good health, or a more beautiful body.

I may not deadlift or bench press as much as others and I have tiny, injury-prone joints. But I’ve developed full-body conditioning and strength that most people will, unfortunately, only ponder having during their lives because they’re not willing or they’ve given up.

I’ve never been part of an “in crowd” and have never been one to follow a leader. But I’m authentic with everyone I meet, strive to be a good friend, and give help those who ask for it the best I can.

I’m a YouTube newbie and have aspirations I haven’t even come close to attaining yet. But in the last year I’ve started my own business, launched a whole new look on my site, and mapped out solid goals for helping as many people as I can in coming months and years. (And I just recorded my first YouTube video last week!)


In the end, all that matters is being authentic to yourself. You can choose: Do I follow the beaten path, listening to people who have a completely different body and background than me, or do I forge my own way, navigating sometimes unwieldy undergrowth yet knowing this is the path I’m creating for myself

I started WorkoutNirvana three years ago not knowing it would lead to my becoming a certified personal trainer and virtual coach, meeting hundreds of new people, and helping many others find their footing and ideal physique through strength training. I started out only wanting to share my passion for the iron and the transformations weightlifting could offer to one’s body. I’ve carved my own path with my body and my life that now allows me to help others do the same, but I couldn’t have done it without hard-earned self-confidence and people like you.

Thank you.

Keep your eye on your goals and never stop believing you can reach them.

See you in Nirvana.

27 thoughts on “Of Self-Doubt and Forging Ahead (and Happy 3rd Blogiversary)

  1. Happy anniversary!

    I love that you are honest and real and not fake. You say what you mean without tip-toeing around shit. I can’t wait to meet you next month!! 😀


  2. Congratulations! I’ve only been reading your blog for a year now, but I love how informed and positive each and every post is! Always happy to include you in my list of online-turned-real-life friends!
    We ‘older’ sisters need to stick together! xo


    • Thanks Tamara! I’m so lucky to have supportive fitness and blogging friends like you. I learn from you constantly! We make 20-something look like a warm up! 😀


  3. Happy Blogaversary. I loved this post. I grew self confidence later in life, but I always get pockets of self doubt. Mainly because I have been injury prone going on over a year now.

    I can’t wait to start working with you next week or two and I so wish I was meeting you in person next month. 😦


    • Thanks darlin! We will get you fixed up. Love it that you want to train with me. Also loving that we met! Looking forward to chatting on the phone once you’re able to train :).


  4. I LOVE THIS!!!! You know I do! 🙂 CONGRATS on everything!!!! YOU ROCK!

    Me, I am still working on the I AM ENOUGH… as my posts have been all about that lately since the UA What’s Beautiful campaign. 🙂


  5. Suzanne, congrats on year three and on going after your passion! You have a great blog here and I am really looking g forward to continuing to read you as you continue on in your business. You have already been a great help to me and it is your true self that I love! Best wishes my friend!


  6. Suzanne-

    You are one of my biggest inspirations in the fitness world!! You have proven that age doesn’t matter at all and that it is never too late to find yourself and strive for what you are passionate about!!

    Congrats on the blogiversary and here’s to another year of great success! 🙂


    • Jennifer thanks so much, I ❤ you like crazy! I'm inspired by your drive to push through even the toughest moments of Crossfit (are there any easy moments?!). So glad we connected!


  7. Suzanne. congrats on this wonderful milestone and just as importantly, the personal growth that has accompanied it along the way. I started following your blog because it is always informative and interesting and am proud to see you embrace your magnificence and potential. Can’t wait to see all of the wonderful things ahead for you come to fruition, sweet friend!


  8. I couldn’t agree with you more! Being a 40ish woman in fitness myself, it’s hard to look at (and TAKE) some of these 20ish girls seriously. Congrats on how far you’ve come….and I can’t wait to join you for the ride to your next adventure!


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