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Green Smoothies Real-Food Eating At Its Best

I decided to try green smoothies after realizing I wasn’t getting enough vegetables in my real foods diet – particularly dark leafy greens. I also could see in my calorie tracker that I was woefully low on vitamin K, and it was time to face up to the fact that I was a fruit addict who didn’t eat many salads! But why not eat loads of vegetables? Dark, leafy greens are truly an elixir of good health. They’re full of vitamins (particularly folate, which {Read More…}

Of Self-Doubt and Forging Ahead (and Happy 3rd Blogiversary)

If you’re looking for positives about getting older, you may not see them until you’re actually there. I knew I was suffering badly during my 20’s, but it’s only now that I can look back and see how far I’ve come. I was a late bloomer; I didn’t develop true self-confidence until after I had my daughter and returned to strength training. My wiser, broader perspective made me realize that  comparing myself to others is a losing game. While competing can be {Read More…}

Building Your Glutes with Barbell Hip Thrusts

More and more women are hearing about barbell hip thrusts as a way to build their glutes without ending up with huge quadriceps. Many of us find it insanely satisfying to see our glutes transformed and feel the sheer power of pushing heavy iron with our hips. I assure you that even most guys aren’t doing the hip thrust, and when they see you crushing it they’ll be intrigued (as they try not to look). Rest assured that this exercise is not {Read More…}

Just Do It: How to Protect Your Shoulders

If you could see into the future and knew your strength training workouts would be shut down by a shoulder injury, would you start doing things differently today? Not many people spend time maintaining shoulder health, but a lot of people spend time being injured. Shoulder injuries are ridiculously common, and those of us who lift weights should be focused not only building strength and size but on keeping our shoulders healthy. It’s a relatively delicate joint that we punish {Read More…}