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Why You Should Ignore Celebrity Workouts

When I stumbled upon this little video of a celebrity trainer showing how to achieve a celebrity’s upper body, I was flabbergasted. If you believe this trainer, to look like this particular celebrity you need to lift three-pound weights for 10-15 reps and use microscopically thin resistance bands. We wouldn’t want you to break a nail! And heaven forbid you “bulk up,” the authoritative male trainer warns us. What the f*ck? Seriously – I thought this kind of misinformation was just legend at this {Read More…}

Women and Creatine 101

Like a lot of women, even though I’d strength trained for years I was still afraid of using creatine. I’m careful about what I put in my body and had more than a few questions: Would this “natural” supplement cause my already sensitive stomach to balloon? Would it turn me into the Incredible Hulk? Is it even safe? After some research, I decided to give creatine a try to see just how far it could take me with my muscle-building goals. {Read More…}

3 Ways to Maximize Your Strength Workouts

I often hear people say they want to “maximize” their strength-training workouts. The translation of this statement is usually “my workouts aren’t giving me what I want.” If this is you, you’re smart to think you should be doing something differently to build muscle or lose fat. But what is that “something?” You can improve your workouts – and your body composition– by changing an almost endless array of variables. Here are just three ways to start seeing better progress immediately. Avoid Ineffective {Read More…}