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Why Using Sugar in Schools is a Bad Idea

Ever have a moment when your mouth dropped open involuntarily as you process incoming data? Sometimes it’s that moment when you know you must take action, whether it’s outside your comfort zone or not. My third-grader goes to a good school with teachers who really care. But good schools can have policies that are behind the times, especially when it comes to what we’re teaching kids about nutrition. If you’ve ever been uncomfortable with the candy/food policy in your child’s {Read More…}

Your 12-Week Fitness Plan for Less Fat and More Muscle

Spring is upon us! It’s exciting to consider the fitness goals you could accomplish in the 12 or so weeks until summer. Just think: in 12 weeks you could: – Lose 10 to 12 pounds (or 3 percent body fat) – Gain muscle definition in your arms, legs, chest, or butt The secret is to have a fitness plan, so take a look at how you can spend the next 12 weeks accomplishing these goals. Your 12-Week Plan Can you {Read More…}

4 Ways to Get More Muscle in Less Time

Gaining more muscle and strength isn’t ever about doing one thing differently. When you start adding a little structure to your workouts – that is, tracking your progress and following a plan – you also start to see real progress. I’ve seen measurable results in my own muscle gains and training the last few months and I wanted to share with you what I’m doing differently. Sticking to a Program Probably the biggest mistake we all make is switching workouts or {Read More…}