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4 Ways a Calorie Tracker Can Help You (and Not Just for Weight Loss)

You might be surprised how useful calorie tracking software can be for goals other than weight loss. Check out these reasons to use MyFitnessPal (my personal favorite) or another tool such as Lose It!. 1.  You Want to Build Muscle As a small-boned person who has to work extra hard to put on muscle, I’m interested in whether I’m eating enough. I track my food intake once every five or six months for one week (that’s as long as my {Read More…}

The (Real) Best Fat-Burning Workouts and Foods

Exercises that get rid of muffin top! 7 Yoga poses to get rid of back fat! Lose 22 inches in just 2 weeks! The 10 best foods for flat abs! Foods that melt belly fat! I love pinning articles and finding new ways of making fitness fun and fast. I’m pretty discriminating about what I share, however, because many of the titles (like the ones above) set up incredibly unrealistic expectations. As I talked about in Trainer Tips #1, when readers {Read More…}

You’re Revising Your Workouts Too Often

As I look back on my earlier weightlifting days when I wasn’t making significant progress, I can see my mistakes so clearly. Somewhat predictably, I realize now that it wasn’t until I became a personal trainer that I finally started seeing real results. I became educated about what works from an evidence-based perspective and began following through with that knowledge. Today, I see people doing exactly what I did: spinning their wheels, frustrated that they never see the results they {Read More…}