Muscle Motivation: The Integrity of Self

GO-SIGN-muscleToday I begin a new series, Muscle Motivation, that will talk about how to GO with your goals.

When you encounter someone with genuine integrity, it can be a beautiful, enriching experience. You feel gratitude for the experience, almost like it was a gift.

But integrity is a highly valued quality and for another reason too: Lack of integrity can hurt people. It ruins trust and creates a harsher world where we have to cater to the lowest common denominator.

I recently had the misfortune of dealing with someone who didn’t show integrity in her actions. After the initial anger at myself for being “taken,” I realized that this person wasn’t inherently corrupt as some without integrity are. No, she had an uncomfortable space that she was trying to fill, one that was so uncomfortable she was willing to sacrifice her integrity to fill it. My own integrity in this situation made it much less of an “ouch.”

My question is: What if that “someone” who was hurt was yourself?

We sabotage ourselves without blinking an eye: We jump from program to program. We never change our program. We overeat. We don’t eat enough. We don’t make time. We quit exercising. We exercise too much. We make up excuses. We don’t listen. We give up.

We want to be healthier, leaner, stronger, happier. But by doing things we know will prevent us from reaching our goals, we lack integrity with ourselves. The end result is that we hurt ourselves deeply. We disrespect ourselves.

It’s not morally or socially acceptable to lack integrity with others, but we do it to ourselves all the time. Daily, even. Why you do it depends on you – your emotions, schedule, priorities. Or maybe you have an “uncomfortable space” that begs to be filled by holding on to familiar old habits or eating those comfy foods.

Think about what you did this week that helped retain your self-respect and dignity – what you deserve. Did you make time for your workouts and bring healthy food to work? Did you say no to food that would keep you from your weight loss goal? Did you push your limits in the weight room? Did you make time? Did you GO?

If you did, well done. You treated yourself with integrity.

If you didn’t follow your plan, program, or your true, deep desires to be healthier, eat better, or exercise, you lacked integrity with yourself. Is that really ok?

Every time you make a decision not to follow through with what you know is good for you, ask yourself if you’d treat someone else the same way. Skipping a workout is like not showing up for a meeting with someone who’s counting on you. Eating too much is like breaking someone’s trust. Quitting an exercise or diet program is like promising the world to a friend and then suddenly backing out.

No matter who you are – a stay-at-home mom who’d love to get personal training, a college student who wants a healthier lifestyle, or a busy person who lets exercise slip – treat yourself with self-respect and integrity. The rewards of doing unto yourself as you do to others can be beautiful and enriching.

9 thoughts on “Muscle Motivation: The Integrity of Self

  1. Love it, you really get down to the core issue of why people don’t take care of their bodies – self love and self awareness go a looooong way!


  2. Just a YES from me!!! People have to realize that they ARE worth it!!!! Like you said: treat yourself with self-respect and integrity. The rewards of doing unto yourself as you do to others can be beautiful and enriching.

    I can’t say much more except I am sorry that whoever did what they did to you did that. So great you know you are so much better & worth so much more than that!!!


  3. I think you nailed it in discussing how we jump from program to program, never really taking consistent action. I think many of us still believe there’s an effortless magic bullet out there and if we keep trying, surely we’ll find it.


  4. Suzanne, this is an important topic that impacts your overall wellness and happiness. Following through on what’s good for ourselves is critical in loving oneself. And when I don’t do that personally, it really irks me because I should know better by now. Appreciate your thoughts and the beefy biceps on the stop sign too. 🙂


    • We all have lapses in self love, I think. It’s just part of the ups and downs of life. It’s what we do with those ups and downs that’s important – hopefully we pick ourselves up and keep truckin!!


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