Archives for January 2013

Healthy Food Prep

Eating real foods is much easier to integrate into your life when you cook and freeze meals ahead. When you have a grab-and-go selection of meals and snacks, eating healthier feels more automatic and seamless. Even with the best intentions, if healthy food isn’t easy and convenient, we’re more likely to head for the drive-through or grab prepackaged food laden with fat, sugar, and salt. Even prepackaged food sold at natural health food stores contains a plethora of unprounceable ingredients. {Read More…}

Muscle Motivation: The Integrity of Self

Today I begin a new series, Muscle Motivation, that will talk about how to GO with your goals. When you encounter someone with genuine integrity, it can be a beautiful, enriching experience. You feel gratitude for the experience, almost like it was a gift. But integrity is a highly valued quality and for another reason too: Lack of integrity can hurt people. It ruins trust and creates a harsher world where we have to cater to the lowest common denominator. I {Read More…}

Defeating the No-Time Excuse: How to Exercise in Small Chunks of Time

When you ask someone how much time they really have to work out each week, they often say anywhere from six to eight hours. I know – this sounds like a lot. And when it comes to a strength training program, you wouldn’t want to train that often anyway. So it’s important to look realistically at how often you can train: that is, the amount of time you actually will train. You say you can work out starting at 5 {Read More…}

Rear Delt Training for Strong, Sexy Shoulders

When we think of a cut, attractive physique, we think of a V-shaped upper body with defined shoulders and upper back. But even if you have lovely back and arm muscles, if your rear delts aren’t sufficiently developed it will look like something’s “missing.” But there are plenty of reasons to train your rear delts, and train them correctly: Counteract tight chest muscles and rounded shoulders (poor posture) Help protect your shoulders and rotator cuffs from injuries Increase your strength {Read More…}