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Clean-Eating Dinners Round Out A Healthy Day

Cooking healthy and eating clean doesn’t have to be a long and laborious process every night. You also don’t need to search pricey health food markets for exotic ingredients (and even health food stores carry processed food). And despite misconceptions, you don’t have to make dinner a tiny little affair that is one of six meals of the day. Some of us like to eat a heartier dinner, and you can do that without a ton of calories. Clean-eating foods {Read More…}

A Plea for This Holiday Season: Live in This Moment

I noticed it yesterday when I was out and about shopping: People with palatable tension, pushing carts a bit faster; annoyed faces; drivers with less patience; and a sense that I was in certain people’s way as I went about my business. It’s the holiday season – a time when everyone seems pissed off, in a hurry, and intolerant. Everyone’s rushing around trying to prepare the perfect holiday experience. People with too much on their calendars. Working, taking care of {Read More…}

Personal Training Online: How and Why it Works

Have you ever browsed through a fitness forum and felt overwhelmed by all the opinions and speculation? Even when all the commenters are following the same one-size-fits all program, they’re often getting their answers from their own personal experience or the same prepackaged program. You can certainly find free workouts on the Internet and plenty of advice as well. But when I see these programs or workouts,  I wonder: What if I have an old injury I have to be careful {Read More…}

What is the Obsession with Body Weight?

Guest Post by Scott Dueball Every trainer (worth their weight in whey) will tell you that body weight is among their least important metrics. Changes in body weight can be coy and sporadic. The typical exerciser has little understanding of what creates realistic expectations of body weight loss. As a result, the expectations are often set too high and without reason. Your trainer or coach will no doubt explain that lean mass weighs more than fat mass and in many {Read More…}