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Your Ideal Weight: It’s Between Your Body and Its Fuel

Being ravenously hungry all the time can be wearing. You’ve got to spend so much time eating. A two-hour trip away from home means packing all kinds of snacks. When bed time rolls around and you’re drowsily brushing your teeth, BAM! Hunger pangs again. But my insatiable, all-consuming hunger – the one for food – has been on leave. I noticed this by looking down at my 500-calorie breakfast and realizing (with amazement) that I couldn’t finish it as usual. {Read More…}

Demystifying Metabolism (Part 2): Diet

Metabolism has a mystic status – we hear about its power over our ability to gain/lose/maintain weight and we wonder how much of that power is in our hands. Technically (and simply put), metabolism is the sum of all the chemical processes that allows us to maintain life. But we just know that we want it to be higher. I explained how exercise and muscle impact metabolism in Part 1 of this two-part series. So it’s time now to look {Read More…}

Demystifying Metabolism (Part 1): Exercise

This is a two-part series – see Part 2 here. How many people really understand metabolism? We hear about how “metabolic training” can burn mega calories, so it must be a good thing. But we also hear scary terms like “metabolic syndrome,” so we know it can go wrong. And the term “metabolic health” is thrown about as well – what exactly is that? Although metabolism is a complex subject that includes everything from one’s lifestyle to their thyroid gland, {Read More…}

The Guide to Muscular Endurance Training for Weightlifting Beasts

I see a plethora of workouts posted online with high reps schemes – and by high I mean above 25. Some workouts boast reps as high as 100, and I sometimes I wonder about the point of these workouts. To be a badass and say you did it, or…? I’ll get to that in a moment. There’s a lot of confusion about muscular endurance training as it relates to weightlifting – what exactly is it and how is it beneficial {Read More…}