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Give Weightlifting a Chance to Change Your Life

You’ve walked by the weightlifting area every week for a year on your way to your cardio pump class. You always glance at the people lifting weights – some are standing in front of the mirror with a laser-like focus, others are grimacing, sweating, and grunting or even yelling as they hoist large weights over their bodies. If people see you, you imagine them laughing inside because clearly you don’t belong there. You’re just passing by. But you know how to {Read More…}

Muscle Reality Check: Three Questions to Ask Yourself

On this second anniversary of Workout Nirvana, it’s time for a reality check: How far have you progressed in the last year? Are you making steady progress or have you let circumstances get in the way? And where will you be a year from now? We don’t have to slowly decline as we age if we track how we’re doing and take action. There are many ways to track your progress, so here are just three to help you determine {Read More…}

Got Injury? Choices for Continuing Training

We all get them: inflammation, pain, injuries, or a mere “tweak” in a joint or muscle. These are roadblocks to our goals, motivation, and all that we’re striving for. So we don’t like to think about them. Ironically, the choices we make about how to train around injuries can impact us as much as the actual problem. Continuing to ignore a small, chronic pain can result in a more serious, acute one, so seeing a doctor early on is always a good {Read More…}

The How-to Guide for Pull ups (Guest Video) by @leanmusclematt

Pull-ups are one of those exercises that everyone wants to do but few can. Why? Because pull-ups require a lot of upper-body strength and are best worked up to using small steps. So I was excited when my friend and fellow fitoholic Lean Muscle Matt created this how-to video on how to rock them. Check out his tips – and let me know how you’re doing! Matt is a Certified Public Accountant and blogging fitness freak. After starting his fitness {Read More…}