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It’s the Small Decisions that Change Your Life

If there’s something big you want to accomplish – losing weight, getting stronger, training for an event – does it feel overwhelming? Unless you’re seasoned at tackling big fitness goals, of course it does. That’s why breaking a big goal down into small pieces is one of the best ways to not only get started, but meet your goal. One day a few years ago I realized I was weak. My neck had been injured in a car accident and {Read More…}

3 Little Truths That Make or Break Your Training

When I think about what creates my gains in strength and fitness, hard work in the gym isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. That might come as a surprise since crushing it with weights is a core component of success (along with a healthy eating lifestyle). But an equally important factor in consistent gains is the mental work – having a mindset that prevents failure and knowing what works and what doesn’t. In this post I lay out {Read More…}

Getting the Swing of Kettle Bells: A Demo and More

Kettle bells, ahh. As I’ve been investigating and learning their endless applications I’ve also became more and more excited about them. Kettle bells can be used for movements ranging from explosive Olympic lifts to more endurance-oriented Tabata protocols. Many kettle bell exercises provide full-body conditioning, which increase your strength and cardiorespiratory systems simultaneously. So why would I want to share my precious gym time with kettle bells? I’ll never give up traditional lifting, but with all the fun and advantages {Read More…}