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Crunches No More! Effective Core Training

I know people who hate crunches and sit ups, maybe as much as I hate overrated military-style exercises that make me struggle awkwardly (like burpees). The fact that some disciplines use them as a test of fitness certainly doesn’t help their reputation, so let’s look at how useful they really are. I don’t mind crunches myself. Once I get into a rhythm, staring at the ceiling in a trance, I actually kind of enjoy them. Crunches aren’t necessarily bad for {Read More…}

Getting Big Results with Box Squats

Most people know the value of squats – a compound movement that helps to build hamstring, glute, and quadricep strength. Hopefully you’re doing them – with heavy weights – because they’re the best lower body exercise around. But box squats, when done correctly, are also valuable for general lifters. Box squats involve doing a squat with a box behind you. So what’s the difference between that and regular squats? According to powerlifter and biomechanics engineer Scott Dueball, box squats are {Read More…}

Fitness Mind Games: What’s Your Next Move?

A lean, sculpted masterpiece of a body is first created in the mind, then by your actions. It’s a game against your own human nature, it’s going beyond your ideas of what’s acceptable and reasonable to do to achieve your goals. Most people don’t reach to their full potential, not because they don’t have the basic knowledge about the key components diet and exercise — but due to focusing all effort in the gym for working the physical muscles while giving no {Read More…}

Maximizing Results with Rests Between Sets

I am all about circuits with most of my clients. We have 50 minutes to do a full-body workout and we get the job done; there will be no rest. Many people aren’t looking for max power or building muscle. They want health, tone, and weight loss. But in traditional weight lifting, you rest. You rest so that you have enough energy to lift just as heavy for the next set. It’s a big part of your workout and a {Read More…}