Fantastic Health & Body: One… Small Action… at a Time

“It is believed that the Babylonians were the first to make New Year’s resolutions, and people all over the world have been breaking them ever since.” ~Infoplease

I don’t know about you, but I’m an avoider when it comes to large, abstract things I have to do. I’ve rarely accomplished anything that seemed gigantic or vague. The budget needs work? Uh, sure thing, I’ll get to it. The basement needs an overhaul? I’ll get right on that.

You know where I’m going with this. Your body. It needs to shed pounds, get stronger, or become healthier. It needs better food or more sleep. And you saved all those good things for your New Year’s resolutions. It’s a time of renewal, reflection, and resolve. Time to amend past mistakes.

Time to fail.

Time for the truth: The only way I’ve ever been able to get anything done is by taking small, consistent actions.

Small actions are how I these things:

  • More energy now than when I was 20
  • Ageless as I age
  • Protected from injury
  • Immune to weight gain
  • Beautiful body!

Yes, I love myself.

And I don’t love myself by letting my health go for months on end and then to resolving to make big changes once a year.

I love myself by doing things every day that make me energetic, ageless, immune, protected, and beautiful, such as:

  • Check my schedule to see when I can work out.
  • Eat blueberries.
  • Prepare snacks and bring them to work.
  • Read an article about nutrition.
  • Let go of an irritation.
  • Put protein power in a shaker.
  • Put a banana in my gym bag.
  • Glance at my training journal.
  • Put on my workout clothes.
  • Drive to the gym.
  • Begin lifting weights with an intense focus that leads to nirvana…

What are yours? Individually, these are indeed small actions. But when repeated, they add up to big results. Over time, this is the very definition of lifestyle. 

If you’re looking to get lean and muscular, lean with muscle “tone,” or gain increased general health and energy, making small daily changes to your routine will be the difference between success and failure.

Forget “changing your life” or resolving to do things differently on a certain date. Simply begin by taking one small action every day. Soon these will add up to a changed life. Aren’t you worth it?

So join me in the Anti-Resolution Movement. No more resolutions, no more waiting. It’s a new year, yes. It is a time of renewal. But this time next year, you can be proud to say you’re continuing your healthy lifestyle, not starting it… again.

37 thoughts on “Fantastic Health & Body: One… Small Action… at a Time

  1. YES! Gigantic, vague, big, not-specific goals are what set people up for failure. Or if the goal is too overwhelming. The idea of losing 100 pounds scared me. But 50 pounds wasn’t as scary of a number. Making little goals for myself (swim 3 days a week, lose 50 pounds in 1o months, swim 1 mile without resting, etc) helped me succeed!


  2. No more resolutions? I’m there with you!

    The beauty of the small steps you describe is that they quickly lead to the formation of good habits. And once they’re habits, zero to very little “willpower” is required to keep them going. Some of my favorite small steps:

    Eat breakfast
    Park at the far end of the parking lot
    Include five to 10 grams of protein in every meal and snack
    Drink chocolate milk or get some other protein and carb fix after strength training
    Start every workout with a general warm-up
    Keep healthy snacks in the car
    Keep training shoes in the car


    • Looove your small actions Mary. Keeping essentials in the car seems like second nature to me, and why not? Without them I FAIL! I like the idea of small actions leading to habits too… this is spot on.


  3. While I do set bigger goals (because it suits my personality) I find it helps to then break them down into smaller chunks, action steps. Because it is the small things we do daily that add up!


  4. I am completely overwhelmed when looking at a BIG project (have a couple of those at the house right now…), so I have to knock it down into smaller steps, and suddenly it is doable!

    on the days I don’t feel like I want to work out, I’ll put on my clothes/shoes and drive myself to the gym or get out there on the trail before I think too much about it… pretty soon I am in it, and already feeling great.

    I think it is good to have goals and things to strive for, but as soon as I have one, I work towards it – I have never been a first of the year resolution type. I imagine for things like starting a diet, etcetera, the big negative to that could be several days (a month?) of bad behavior to excess, like a last hurrah before “I must start my resolution”. not a good way to approach a change.


  5. The small steps really do add up. We definitely get in trouble when we try to do too much to fast by either injuring ourselves or hating the activity. Small steps to eating better and getting in more time for exercise are key. When I struggle with making changes or even just getting my workout in I think about Rose. Rose was 82 when I passed her in a local 5k. 82! I want to be 82 and still running 5k’s and so… I get my shoes on and get my work out done!


  6. LOVE! I have not made resolutions for years & years. I just live the same all year round & that means thru the holidays. Consistency, patience, finding what works for me and always learning.. I just keep moving forward the best I can at 54! 🙂 I have been at this over 30 years so lots of learning! 😉


  7. First wrote about NOT making New Year Resolutions back in 2004…and have never really made them, but have resolved to remain eternally a certain age, in terms of biology an mindset – and have time flow backwards…

    By Loving life and what is, if you appreciate what you already have, you achieve happiness immediately, and recognizing what can be changed, and what can’t, reduces frustration. I don’t mean wallowing and not improving, and I am in favour of ambition and stretching, but letting go of unrealistic goals that demoralize when they aren’t achieved adds a sweetness and savour to life.


  8. Hi Suzanne, Thanks for a wonderful blog. You must be doing something right because you look absolutely amazing! I think its really important to eat the right foods to keep a good immune system. Or if your like me who seems to not to like most so called healthy foods then at least look for some good natural remedies to supplement your diet. The blueberries you mentioned are extremely good for that along with elderberries. Elderberry tictures are available for the cold n flu season to really fight virus’s off quick. 🙂


  9. Amen! I eat breakfast, just for today. I plan for 20 minutes of movement, just for today. I finish a bottle of water before work. These sound like little things, and I didn’t work on them all at once. But little by little, all my habits are so different from a year ago. Thanks Suzanne!


  10. Love the part where you talk about small actions leading to big results! I couldn’t agree more.

    Just doing the Bob Wiley, “baby step right to the smith machine…baby step right to the smith machine…I’m at the smith machine.”

    It’s simple and its worked for a ton of people! Just look at the gun show above, right?

    Sort of reminds me of what Dale Carnegie once said: ” Don’t be afraid to give your best to what seemingly are small jobs. Every time you conquer one it makes you that much stronger. If you do the little jobs well, the big ones will tend to take care of themselves.”

    To making fitness decisions count.



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