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Clean Eating Snacks for All-Day Energy

I don’t think about food much and am not one to cook much either. I’m on healthy-eating autopilot and that suits me just fine. But why should I keep my eating lifestyle to myself? I like to share, even if I don’t like to think about food much. I snack because it keeps my blood sugar at an even keel – I’m wicked cranky without a regular infusion of food. Snacks keep my main meals smaller and prevent me from {Read More…}

Commandments for Health & Injury Prevention

Whether you love being active or not, no one wants to end up with an injury. Inactive people get injured more frequently than active people. Those who don’t exercise become deconditioned, and a wrong step, a movement outside normal range of motion, repetitive movements, or carrying too much weight can lead to muscle and joint dysfunction. People who are out of shape and get surgery to fix muscle or joint issues usually are back in pain again in some way, {Read More…}

Leaping Over Mental Barriers to Fitness

The fitness industry can be confusing, misleading, and scary. Or it can be full of wisdom and encouragement. What’s your perspective? Leah Segedie  (@bookieboo) over at asked her blogger audience to write a post about what could make the fitness industry more approachable and friendly to everyone. As she explains in her widely read blog, she was previously overweight and extremely intimidated by working out in gyms. Everyone seemed to be thin and/or athletic and she felt very self-conscious {Read More…}