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Common Weight-Lifting and Cardio Questions Answered

Figuring out how to meet your fitness goals can be confusing, given all the opinions out there. Here I’ve answered some common questions about getting to your goals. Strength Training Can I lift weights and do cardio on  the same day? Which should I do first? If possible, do cardio and weight lifting on separate days so that you have enough energy for each workout. If you can’t, try doing them at opposite ends of the day to ensure that {Read More…}

How to Mix Up Your Weight Training Workouts

Today I’m excited to introduce my friend Tracy Simmons, a yoga instructor, personal trainer, and blogger who has much to share when it comes to passion and knowledge about fitness. Enjoy! Hello Workout Nirvana readers! I am Tracy and I write a little blog called Commit to Fit where I talk about all things health, food and wellness from a personal trainer’s perspective. I am so excited that Suzanne has invited me over to her side of the blogiverse. Now, {Read More…}

Make Your Triceps Your Best Feature

The jiggle under the arms is one of the biggest complaints women have about their bodies. If you can learn to love training your triceps, you can get rid of this problem. If you grudgingly huff through the motions with triceps exercises, well, I’m sorry… You may not get the results you want. Think of attacking the jiggle under your arms as just that – getting tough and ruthless. You have a seriously intimidating weapon, which I will tell you {Read More…}

Cheating and Eating: Are You In Charge?

I believe the reason I’ve been successful at maintaining a healthy weight throughout my life is because I’m the one in charge when it comes to food, not my emotions or hunger. And it’s not about a strict structure or a rigid way of dieting. Here I share one of the reasons I’m in charge; I’ll share another later this week. Cheater, Cheater Pumpkin-Pie Eater Plenty of people who are losing weight or trying to stick to a healthy eating {Read More…}

Authoritative Voices vs. Doing it Your Way

The fitness industry has plenty of science to back up its recommendations, but there are still “to infinity and beyond” ways to get results. That’s one thing that makes weightlifting great fun, but it also means there are a lot of voices – some very authoritative – that you should lift weights this way or that. I’ve even heard a few internet gurus say you should not spend a lot of time lifting weights. Instead, you should spend your time doing things that are fulfilling, like throwing the {Read More…}