The Hidden Reason You’re Not Seeing Results

It’s true that plenty of people get stopped from meeting their goals because they don’t know how to proceed. I’ve heard a lot of people say, for example, that they need a new workout but don’t know what to do next.

But once things are underway and you’ve got a plan, what’s the next most important thing to getting to your goals? You know it – consistency. And it’s the one thing people forget most often.

Consistency isn’t sexy or new or exciting – doing something over and over again to achieve a long-term result. It’s not trying to lose fat or gain muscle into a very short timeframe by overtraining or using methods that aren’t sustainable. It’s not doing a workout for a month and then letting life get in the way or getting bored or frustrated and switching programs or diets.

client_trackingWhen I help new clients,  first I examine their workouts and diet in the last few months. Sometimes I’ll meet someone who has been consistent with a training program and knows how to eat clean, but they’ve plateaued. In this case, the consistency piece is there but knowing how to progress is missing. But many other people program hop, string random exercises together, and miss workouts. Or they’re able to follow a trendy diet for awhile but it’s simply not sustainable.

Switching workouts every few weeks doesn’t give your body the chance to adapt, yet adaptation to stimulus is what creates change. Hopping between books from the current guru and “abs in five minutes” workouts won’t get you the results you want. Even if you purchase a professionally designed program made just for you, the results will be nonexistent if you don’t do the workouts for a sustained period of time.

For the first three months you’ll notice changes from a training program if you’re consistent. But after that you’ll need to continue progressing in a structured, systematic fashion or you’ll simply plateau. Even with fat loss programs, plateaus are common. But more often than not, it’s tough to follow through without ongoing support and guidance.

Not only that, but you can’t measure your progress if you switch to a different program or fall in and out of programs.

When someone in a Facebook group asked what three exercises we would recommend, I replied that it would depend on the person’s goals. A fellow trainer and friend had an even better answer:

Discipline, commitment, and consistency.

These are not sexy or hot products, but they’re the nuts and bolts of accomplishing goals, fitness or otherwise.

What you do on a daily basis is what your future looks like. And that is what you should look at first when you aren’t seeing results.

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23 thoughts on “The Hidden Reason You’re Not Seeing Results

  1. SO TRUE. Consistency is key with everything. When I was trying to lose weight it was hard but I did the same thing every day –eat right, count my calories, swim–and it worked. Consistency is how it gets done. It may not be fast but it works.


  2. You’re absolutely right! You need to be consistent no matter what you do. I’m actually terrible at this, I don’t go to the gym as consistently as I need to in order to meet the goals I want. Sure sometimes life gets in the way, but more often I LET life get in the way. We’ll see what happens when I switch to AM workouts 🙂


    • You’ve had some setbacks with your health. Getting back in there is more of a challenge so you have to go easy on yourself. Self-flagellation doesn’t help you get to your goals… taking one step forward does 🙂


  3. Hi Suzanne

    I know her exercise regimes have been superceded by many others in recent years but two of the things I really liked about Callanetics were:
    1 She showed people of different ages, shapes, size and flexibility, etc in the video (yup, it was pre DVD 🙂 )
    2 She showed documented progress of one of the members of the programme over several weeks, and you couls SEE the type of results you could get if you stuck with it

    Now, to me, that ticks quite a lot of boxes in the motivation department


  4. Excellent post. Too often people go in spurts when it comes to sticking with a fitness or eating plan. It’s not a race, although some people treat it like that. It has to be steady as she goes.


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