Progressing Goals with Small Actions

small-actionsHow often are you frustrated because you can’t make progress on something? Sometimes, finding the right approach is harder than the actual execution.

How to approach something is where I often get stuck with a goal… and where I stop. And I wonder why my To Do list is always so long.

But when Me You Health contacted me about a participating in a challenge to take a small action every day for my well-being, I thought, easy! I already take small actions every day for my health. All these small decisions involving nutrition, exercise, sleep, and hydration add up to my long-term good health.

But it did occur to me during the challenge – and as I didn’t actually do some of the small actions – that it’s not as easy as it sounds to change even one little thing about your daily routine. And that’s why so many of us stay blocked, including myself.

The small actions in the challenge were small – eat something with carotenoids in it, stretch your spine, gather what you’ll need to stay hydrated the next day, smile at three people. Many of these I do without even thinking about them, or I do some variation of them.

But others, such as, “Spend 10 minutes looking at your books, and set the ones you no longer want aside for donation,” sounded like something I should pay more attention to. Not that I have so many books for donating, but it made me realize that just spending 10 minutes on a single task once a day or several times a week could change the entire course of a goal. Or simply make things happen.

I thought about my workouts and how I often ignore my training journal until I’m at the gym. I do think about my goals on an ongoing basis, but I don’t do this on a weekly basis. If I spent just 10 minutes a week planning my workout, I’m betting I’d see more tangible progress on more tangible goals.

My top things can you do each day to influence your long-term health?

  • Foam roll your IT band.
  • Eat a super food.
  • Drink 3 quarts water.
  • Get 30 minutes of exercise.
  • Have good posture.
  • Relax.

All the small actions might not have gelled perfectly with my own routine, but that’s the point. Doing something slightly different each day for a different outcome. Now that’s something I can handle.

10 thoughts on “Progressing Goals with Small Actions

  1. Like everything else in life learn and adapt.time is something people always use as an know how many people tell me they have no time to workout????? Or no time to do a number of important things but can still update there facebook.if you set a side a couple mins for various tasks you have time to do lots of thing at least that’s my opinion a time management person not gonna lie haha good post suzy


    • @Ndem- Yes, so true… everyone’s online but there’s no time to work out? Instead of a nap, how about some Tabata? 🙂

      @Michelle- You, sister, need a foam roller. I can’t believe you don’t have one already!


  2. Ooh I really should work on my posture more. I’ve been doing better about drinking more water ever since I got dehydrated a couple of weeks ago! 🙂

    And hey, I thought about you while I was on the cruise. We went to the gym and I was weight lifting and while I was thinking about how great it felt to lift again I thought “Suzanne would be so proud of me” haha!


    • Ohhhh you worked out while you were on a cruise! Simply dreamy. And you thought of me? I’m in heaven! You rock girlfriend, glad to hear you’re back on the weights xo.


  3. I’ve gotta tell you Suzanne, I have been using our foam roller on my IT band and it is the BOMB! Over the last 2 weeks or so it has helped with my hip and lower back problems. I believe that it has also improved my posture since the knot between my shoulder blades seems to have lessened also. My small action has been to use it every night before bed. Good post, small actions are easy to put into your routine!


  4. You have my interest peaked on the foam rolling IT band. Can you help me out on that one? I am having knee issues from running and its got me concerned. What must I do to stay injury free other than not to overuse?

    Great job on journaling! I like using my iPhone more than writing it down so that is how I keep track of my calories and fitness.


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