I’ve Been Admiring You… Here’s Why

So often I pause to admire a quality in people like yourself and then let the thought fly right out of my busy head. So I decided to gather some of these qualities and corral them into one place so that you (and I) can stop and recognize our admirable qualities… and give ourselves a little credit. Or a lot.

Here are the things I admire – and have been noticing – about you. Do you recognize yourself or someone you know?

People who are not buff (yet) and still working hard as hell. When you’re working towards a goal, you have to look in the mirror a lot of times before you see progress. It takes personal drive to keep going after you take that first step to lose weight or get back into shape. Do you keep on going? If so, you’re a warrior.

Having a vision is what keeps warriors going. If you don’t have a vision, that light at the end of the tunnel will fade away. People who are making changes have vision and goals and don’t lose sight of them.

Perfection isn’t what I admire, either. It’s the will to take the first step. It’s the drive to keep going despite setbacks. These people top my list.

People who take risks and learn new things. 

Learning new stuff in public is scary. Including learning to use weight lifting equipment and doing exercises in a gym. My friend Kris recently started learning how to mountain bike, and I can relate to her on this because I know how intimidating it can be. She had a nice big scrape with the bike chain the other day but is really determined to keep going.

Learning new stuff in your own house can be scary too, but my friend Michelle (Rage Your Way Thin) embraces weights with gusto on her weight loss journey. I tell her about an exercise and bam! She’s there trying it out. She continues to get exercise in even as she’s fighting a shoulder injury.

Anyone who can keep going after falling down? I admire you. That includes being clumsy in the gym while you learn to lift weights.

Taking risks and learning new things doesn’t mean being fearless. It means forging ahead despite fear.

People who practice perfect form.  Look at trainer Roy Cohen here. His form is beautiful and he’s nearly sitting on the ground during this squat. He has never had knee problems, one reason being because he always focuses on proper form. I am certain he can lift much more than this, but he chooses to use a slow tempo with a two–second pause at the contraction, necessitating much less weight. Which is another reason I admire him – he has nothing to prove to anyone but himself.

People who work hard and show off their results. I love seeing people work their azzes off and post pictures of themselves. Not only does this show an infectious confidence, but it inspires others. Josie over at YumYucky.com does this nicely. She works hard and has seen a lot of improvements in her body. She not only posts pictures of her newly hawt body, she encourages her readers to do the same.

Flaunting what you’ve accomplished is motivating to others, including progress pictures. If you’re posting pictures of yourself even when you haven’t met your goal yet, that’s admirable. You know the secret: it’s not only motivating to other people, but to yourself as well.

People who are knowledgeable and smokin hot but accessible. 

If you’re hoping to have a career as a fitness personality or fitness expert, you might also be smokin hot. You can choose to be aloof and removed from your “fans,” the regular folk who are soaking up your knowledge, or you can be available to chat and answer questions. You can ignore people because you’re so smokin or you can say thanks when someone does something nice for you.

Enter Brad Gouthro, bod extraordinaire and nice guy. He’s a fitness pro, writer, and speaker who always replies to regular people like me and is about as genuine as they come. Another reason I admire Brad and people like him: walking the walk. I asked him if he stays leaned out all the time and he said yes, it’s his lifestyle. Needless to say, Brad is a good resource for eating lean as well as fitness.

There are plenty of people I admire and know – or just follow – but couldn’t list here. If you see yourself in any of these categories, give yourself some well-deserved recognition. You’re killin it!

19 thoughts on “I’ve Been Admiring You… Here’s Why

  1. This post makes me happy. Not because you mentioned me (which I smile about and thank you for) but because I’ve never ever seen this kind of post before.

    From Kris I’m encouraged to take those risks I’ve been pondering lately (despite the butterflies of anxiety). From Michelle I can relate because I also had a shoulder injury. From Roy I’m reminded never to sacrifice good form to be some type of show off hero. From Brad I can learn to keep “practicing what you preach” and stay humble. And from YOU, my dear, I continue to learn all the time. Your passion for fitness and the time to you take to teach and explain continues to be a great help. I appreciate YOU!


  2. This MADE MY DAY! Thank you so much. I have so many times when I feel like I’m just not getting anywhere and then I read this and I think..HELL YES! I am kicking ass..

    Kris is awesome. I need to do something similar, something that’s scary. That would be good for me. I think I’ll start with cleaning my boy’s bathroom…


  3. It takes time to see progress. Sometimes it happens in the blink of an eye–you’ve been checking the mirror obsessively to see changes and then overnight it’s like muscles appear! 🙂


  4. Another good post admiring helps pushing you to new heights. I admire any women that’s a single mother and can find time to work a job but find time to work on there fitness.keep training hard people positive thinking !


  5. OMG I love this post! I make it a point to compliment people in the gym when I see them exhibiting any of these traits (or if they just look great)!!


  6. Hands down, nobody, NOBODY has a better sense of humor in all of this than Josie. The bitch is straight up funny. BIG love to you Josie!

    On a more serious note; nobody inspires me more in the gym than people throwing it all out there to get to the prize. I’m not talking about hardcore gyms rats — I’m talking about the 350 pound dude on the treadmill walking for an hour at 1.2 mph and sweating like a pig because he’s willing to do whatever it takes to change. That, THAT is the type person who inspires me most. I take a lot, and gain a lot from those stories — those who are willing to risk it, despite what others think.

    Oh, and thanks for the love. Did I mention I drank a lot the night before that pic was taken..? 🙂 Wish we could do it every day.


    • @Josie– Like I told you today, this comment really made me feel quite awesome. Thank you for being so bitchin on every level Josie!
      @Jen– Really? That is very cool. You and I need to talk more :).
      @Michelle– You do so many things right my sister. Keep the vision – you’re inspiring.
      @Lisa– And you would know, because you’re someone who had that vision and went wild with it. You are another person I truly admire.
      @Ndem– I love your addition, single moms who work out? Top of da list!
      @Brad– As I said, it’s well deserved. You help a lot of people so keep inspiring 🙂
      @Sable– I love it when you stop by my sister in iron. You’re pretty admirable yourself with what you’ve accomplished. And if you compliment people in the gym you are indeed very rare and special!
      @Roy– I have to agree about that girl Josie… and if you haven’t checked out my raging friend Michelle, well she’s dayem funny too. I also totally heart all the people working hard towards your goals with that beautiful vision in their minds. And… I KNOW you were hungover darlin…. is that why you were sweating so much? 😉


  7. Agree! Agree! Agree!
    I’m especially in awe of those who may not “look” the part, but who work REALLY hard on their fitness journey. There’s a couple of “kids’ at the gym who are in this category, and I have so much admiration for them!
    And Michelle? Well – flippin’ rockstar! I love folks getting out of their comfort zone and dabbling with new weird stuff.
    Josie? Well – she cracks me up – and so BRAVE with all those photos! I SO love to celebrate her victories!
    And Roy? My God – I had to refresh that pic to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me – like CHECK HIM OUT!
    And YOU? Well, you were noticibly absent from your list LOL – I admire you for so many reasons! You’re smart, funny, truthful, strong and BEAUTIFUL inside and out.
    Thank you so much Suzanne – xoxoxox


    • Thanks sister, agreed on all fronts. Being inspired by others is truly what makes this whole fitness blogging / social media endeavor the prize that it is. Much love!


  8. I love this post! Especially what you wrote about those who are working hard to be fit even though results are slow in coming. You’re right about the incredible determination and strength that type of thing requires! One of my friends has lost over 100 pounds and she is getting SO close to her goal weight (15 pounds away now!). I’ve always been amazed at the way she hasn’t given up over these three years of body transformation. 🙂


  9. Nice and very motivating for me and I can imagine to the people listed! Admiration and Inspiration are keys to a successful fit fun life. If I was to create a list today Suzanne, you would make my list as Most Passionately Fit. Thanks and keep being you.


    • @Rach— Yes, I’m with you, the people who have lost a lot of weight, they deserve our admiration. Not giving up is one of those qualities that you need for that and I seriously admire that.
      @Don– Thank you darlin! Love it that we connected here :))


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