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Disappear Aches & Find Flexibility with Foam Rolling

When I get blog comments and tweets like this one, it gets me excited about what I’ve learned firsthand:  foam rolling can change your life. “I gotta tell you Suzanne, I have been using our foam roller on my IT band and it is the BOMB! Over the last 2 weeks or so it has helped with my hip and lower back problems. I believe that it has also improved my posture since the knot between my shoulder blades seems {Read More…}

Progressing Goals with Small Actions

How often are you frustrated because you can’t make progress on something? Sometimes, finding the right approach is harder than the actual execution. How to approach something is where I often get stuck with a goal… and where I stop. And I wonder why my To Do list is always so long. But when Me You Health contacted me about a participating in a challenge to take a small action every day for my well-being, I thought, easy! I already {Read More…}

Six Weightlifting Mistakes to Avoid

I talk about proper form and injury prevention so often that my Twitter friend Marquis even commented on this: Marquis is right – I see proper form and injury prevention as the most important aspect of lifting weights. Injuries are extremely common and there are a lot of ways to get injured. Injuries also prevent us from doing what we love and from reaching our goals, which is frustrating and heartbreaking. So it’s worth your time to become an expert at good {Read More…}

I’ve Been Admiring You… Here’s Why

So often I pause to admire a quality in people like yourself and then let the thought fly right out of my busy head. So I decided to gather some of these qualities and corral them into one place so that you (and I) can stop and recognize our admirable qualities… and give ourselves a little credit. Or a lot. Here are the things I admire – and have been noticing – about you. Do you recognize yourself or someone {Read More…}