Your Hidden Weapon for Success: Belief

On a solo walk recently right around dusk, a man came from the other direction walking a dog. Immediately I felt a slight tension in my gut. It was an instinctual reaction, but it didn’t help that the path was secluded at that particular point and that subconsciously, I only saw the man’s odd-looking hat and his dog walking on a rope, not a leash. (I have NO idea why that put me on alert!)

Again, almost instinctually, I pulled my shoulders back, raised my head up, and began moving my body in a stronger, more confident manner. I suddenly envisioned myself thrusting my full water bottle into his middle (if needed) and was slightly surprised by this.

As the man passed, cheerily saying hello and smiling cordially, I felt a smidge guilty for suspecting him, yet proud that my gut reaction had been so self-assured.

Your first thought might be, “Well, she reacted that way because she’s a badass – she lifts weights,” and you’d be right about that. Any woman who lifts weights gains inner strength as well as outer strength – it’s a supa-cool benefit of pumping iron.

But what it really brought home was the idea of belief.Β  In my case, I believed I could ward off an attacker, which made me adopt a stronger exterior. Appearing like a badass chick made it less likely I’d be messed with. I really believed I was a badass.

Belief is the one of the most powerful predictors of success. You’re much more likely to change your behavior and succeed if you believe in yourself.

Do you want to get back into a weight lifting routine or try it for the first time? If you believe you can and will do it, you’re more likely to succeed. Self-doubt is the enemy.

If you believe you’re going to reshape your body, increase your metabolism, gain lean muscle mass, and become the hawt woman/man you’ve always wanted to be, you are much more likely to follow through.

Another thing I believe in is agelessness. I just don’t subscribe to “age.” I believe I’m going to be lifting heavy weights for a long time, despite myths that older people cannot or should not. I believe I’m going to be in the best shape of my life now, whenever that is – not in the past (“Oh, I was in such good shape back then.”).

If some day I don’t feel well, I’ll be shocked. I believe in my body to deliver. I believe it will feel good day after day. The reason I believe that is because it does deliver. I do certain things day in and day out that promote my optimal health. These things include nutrition and exercise.

You get the point. What you believe will come true. If you need help believing in yourself, try visualization (what I did on my walk). Visualization is simply mentally practicing what it is you want to accomplish. You see yourself, in your mind’s eye, taking the steps needed to accomplish your goal. Just make sure you are very clear what those steps are, or you can lead your mind in the wrong direction.

When it comes to making profound changes in your body (and life) through weight lifting, belief – along with a serious friendship with the iron – is all you need.

23 thoughts on “Your Hidden Weapon for Success: Belief

  1. I’ve been in some situations like this on a path/street and it all turned out okay, but I’ve also heard of people walking the same safe, city place (the local park) and getting mugged. But anyway, I try my best to be aware of my surroundings, and yes, I do believe I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve in case of an attack emergency. And as for being hawt? I plan to be one of the hawtest senior citizens on the planet. BOOM!


  2. For anyone doesn’t believe in themselves read this and ladies don’t be afraid of the self doubt let’s self promote fitness and health πŸ™‚


  3. Very true! I have always thought that if you believe you are capable of doing something or that you are strong and unstoppable, then nothing can really stop you from achieving your goal. Confidence and strength come from believing in yourself and that you are capable of so much more.


    • @Lisa: You are a true testimonial to the benefits of weight training!
      @Josie: Haha! You’re such a badass, I picture you doing some medieval stuff to anybody dumb enough to attack you. We’ll have to form the “Hawt at Any Age Club” babe!
      @Ndem: Thanks, Ndem, you are an amazing example of positive living and always the supporter of women and weights.
      @Jeannie: So agree. Incredible how becoming strong externally can help you feel “unstoppable.” Thanks so much for adding your thoughts!


  4. This is so true. You make it happen..that’s what you do. You have to decide to be a badass, then believe in your badass self.

    Remind me to steer clear of you if you have a water bottle in hand..I don’t want a hurt tummy. πŸ™‚


  5. Love this post. It makes all the difference in success vs. failure.

    And I would have had that same gut instinct on the guy–it’s good to go with that just in case!


  6. Amazing at the power of the mind right!!! Just a change in mentality can make us naturally feel stronger even though our bodies did not change. Great post!


  7. I always say, In a Mad Max World, I like my odds..” A big part of that (despite my bad month) is because I believe I can do nearly anything physical, and that absolutely starts in the weight room with me. Yes, I do lots of “ings”, running, biking, kayaking, hiking, etc. But at the end of the day, the command and control I have with my body comes from challenging and intense strength training. I may not be a martial artist — but I like my odds.


  8. I’ve had similarly experiences. Note the use of the plural tense. I don’t live in the best of neighborhoods and work odd hours so I’m constantly on the look out for possible trouble. I’ve noticed that the more I get into fitness the stronger I feel and believe that I could handle myself if something ever should happen. I don’t walk like a victim as I used to. I hope I’ll never EVER have to prove it but to me that’s not even the point. It’s that I FEEL prepared which means I’ve grown confident. A couple of years ago my answer would have been completely different. As a woman, that’s a wonderful victory!


    • @Michelle: LOL, I am SO glad you got the hilarity of the situation. Those pointy bottles…
      @MissZippy: Thank you! Our instincts are right on and I BET our aim is too πŸ˜‰
      @Thais: You said it – power of the mind. Makes me think of ALL the things I could accomplish if I used this in other areas too.
      @Roy: Can so relate with your love affair with weights, Roy. It just all boils down to that iron, doesn’t it?
      @Rachael: Inspiring to hear, dear sister, how being fit can change your perspective on handling life. I’m crazy proud of you for your accomplishments lately!


    • @Kristina: Lol… I think we all have an inner badass :). Seems like positive energy and thought are almost automatic after awhile if we practice enough.
      @Gene: I can only hope I end up around elderly badasses when I get ancient. The entertainment alone would be worth sticking around for!
      @Don: Thank you is all I can say. Your words mean a lot… thank you.


    • @Sheri, get on that girl! Interesting that you can actually tell a difference – I believe it 100%. Now when are you going to start lifting again? πŸ™‚
      @Mary, LOL to that and thanks for pointing it out ;D. Just further proof of what a commitment to weight lifting can do for anyone out there. So here’s to encouraging women get on those weights and upping their inner AND outer hotness!!


  9. Girl, you are so right! Belief plays such a huge role in how we act. And I would definitely have been on alert too so don’t think you’re paranoid. πŸ˜‰


  10. Great post, and I strongly agree with your views. With belief you can pretty much accomplish anything, as it can get you motivated, driven and focused. Personally, my own perspectives in life/career seems to give me the right mindset, that’s why it’s important to put those beliefs to exercise as well.


    • @Rach- Paranoia pays off I suppose, and hurray for carrying water bottles!
      @Lauren- That’s such a good point about applying the power of belief to other aspects of life- if it’s how you roll in other areas then you’re much more likely to use it in exercise too. Congrats on mastering it, you must be rockin it πŸ™‚


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