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Designing a Workout for Your Dream Body

One of the most common problems I hear is, “I don’t know how to meet my goals. I’m no longer getting good results with my workouts.” Fortunately, it’s not as overwhelming as you might think to tweak the variables in a strength-training workout. And the reward is the body that you want instead of working hard with no results. Envision Your Ideal Body How do you see yourself benefiting from your beautiful, fit body? Do you want get into shape for a vacation? Knock {Read More…}

Sharing a Passion: Burning it Up with Total-Body Moves

My first-ever interaction with my friend Roy Cohen was quite memorable: An email regarding my blog that made me laugh and raise my eyebrows and even squirm a little. But I like people who get to the point and I love people who can make me laugh. So we became friends, and Roy also became a mentor who helped me grow in my weight lifting and writing passions. I learned that Roy is an experienced and down-to-earth personal trainer (and blogger) – the {Read More…}

Being Unstoppable Means Stopping to Listen

There’s a variety of fitness-minded people who are so passionate about their goals, their activity of choice, that they won’t let anything stand in their way. They are single-minded about gaining the muscle, losing the weight, looking good in a swim suit, setting a new personal record. Other members of this fitness-minded group just don’t like to admit the truth. They keep on trucking along with their chosen activity even when their body says “no.” They keep on going, even {Read More…}

Your Hidden Weapon for Success: Belief

On a solo walk recently right around dusk, a man came from the other direction walking a dog. Immediately I felt a slight tension in my gut. It was an instinctual reaction, but it didn’t help that the path was secluded at that particular point and that subconsciously, I only saw the man’s odd-looking hat and his dog walking on a rope, not a leash. (I have NO idea why that put me on alert!) Again, almost instinctually, I pulled {Read More…}