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The Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference: It’s All About the People

When I won a free pass to the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference courtesy of Fitarella (@JacqCarly), I couldn’t quite believe I was going to meet online friends, hob knob with big names in the blogging arena, and learn more about what I love, right here in Colorado. I was both nervous and excited, and also committed to sharing what I learned. I’ll go into more detail about the sessions in upcoming posts, plus you can check out my Facebook page {Read More…}

A Weight Lifting Workout Between Friends

Getting out of my comfort zone is something I can do with my friend Kris, of  The Heart and Humor of Being Human (@Krazy_Kris). She and I have swapped workouts several times because it’s so much fun to try each other’s different style of working out… she’s into cross fit; I’m into weight lifting of course. When we had the opportunity to work out together in real life, I decided to create a workout that would challenge us both in new ways: {Read More…}

A Killer Full-Body Workout Using Only Your Body Weight

If we’ve connected on Twitter or Facebook you may have heard me talk recently about attending a workshop through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). I’m studying to be a certified personal trainer and fully acknowledge that I’m also turning into a certified Fitness Know-It-All. My family, who I was visiting during the class, can attest to this as I put them through fitness assessments and evaluated them relentlessly while there. In any case, I get such insane satisfaction {Read More…}