A Year Later: Are You Doin It?

In the year since I started this blog I’ve met hundreds of people who are on inspiring fitness journeys or simply enjoying their passion every moment they can. People who are steadfastly losing weight (RESPECT for you all); runners addicted to the high; triathletes addicted to racing; bodybuilders; fitness competitors, cyclists; weight lifting lovers; personal trainers; and people who are bravely starting out, sometimes unsure how to proceed but still seeing that end goal in their mind.

I could stop there, because the people I’ve met and relationships I’ve developed are the best part of blogging by far. But I started this blog to share my passion for weight lifting and to help you feel that inner strength that comes with being strong physically.

So are you doin it?

Are you owning the weight room? Are you killing it when you go in there, not only pushing yourself but feeling the power of being strong? Are you proud of your body and strutting it regardless of what others think?

If the answer is no, then go through this blog and find some answers. Maybe you’re intimidated by weights, need motivation, or are looking for ways to make weights fun. The point is you’re thinking about how weight training can change your life and you’re taking action.

Questions or comments? Find me on email, Facebook, or Twitter. Here’s to another year of doin it together!


10 thoughts on “A Year Later: Are You Doin It?

  1. I am not doing it. I have taken some time off, and I don’t really have a ‘good’ reason.
    BUT(T), I AM getting back into it. I named my blog ‘accountability’ for a reason, and now it is time to hold myself accountable.
    Thank you for still being here, being a source of inspiration, a leader, and a listener.
    you ROCK…


    • I know you are Gene! You’re someone who really looks at himself and realizes it when things aren’t working… Then you start the hard work of making changes. You’re one of the truly real friends I have as a result of this blogging endeavor and I appreciate you so much! THANK YOU for your kind words and for being a great support!


  2. You are awesome and I’m glad to know you! You are truly an inspiration to me. I’m starting to get back in the way of things, fitness wise and you were my conscience reminding me of that. So glad you started your journey a year ago as well as I. We’ve come a long way, babe! 🙂 Keep rockin


  3. Wow..It feels good to come this far and still have a passion, right?

    Personally, I’ve always given up by now. Next month is my one year anniversary of beginning to get healthy.

    I’ve certainly stumbled along the way, but I’ve never given up.

    And thanks to you, I’m started to gain a more narrow focus, which is something I’ve desperately need



    • You’ve been damn determined, Michelle. You’re on that elliptisuck daily it seems and have done those stability exercises even with a sore shoulder. And you’ve lost a lot of weight. And you’re starting to see some definition. You’re gonna be kicking my ass sometime soon here. I can’t wait.

      Oh, and you’re my home girl, sister. xoxo


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