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Why Rest is Important and How to Integrate It

I can’t tell you how often I hear people say they work out every day. This can be just fine as long as you don’t work the same muscles back to back or overdo your cardio. For example, I talked to a woman whose goal was to burn calories. Obviously she would be watching her calorie intake, and her weekly workout schedule looked like this: weights circuit, intervals, cardio, rest, repeat. Three intense days of cardio and lower body work {Read More…}

Vanity Rocks! Let Weights Lift You Up

Vanity rocks. I tweeted this a few months ago and knew it could be misinterpreted. But the response I got from a few women told me they understood. I love the word vanity. It’s filled with negative connotations, but I’ve taken ownership of it and changed its meaning. This word represents everything weight training has given me. And once you have healthy vanity, it changes your life forever. You can not go back. Vanity and weight lifting go together so {Read More…}

A Year Later: Are You Doin It?

In the year since I started this blog I’ve met hundreds of people who are on inspiring fitness journeys or simply enjoying their passion every moment they can. People who are steadfastly losing weight (RESPECT for you all); runners addicted to the high; triathletes addicted to racing; bodybuilders; fitness competitors, cyclists; weight lifting lovers; personal trainers; and people who are bravely starting out, sometimes unsure how to proceed but still seeing that end goal in their mind. I could stop {Read More…}

What’s Your Benchmark? Using the One Rep Max

Want to see my workouts, pictures, important tips and updates, and more? Visit me on Facebook and give Workout Nirvana a “Like.” Hope to connect with you! Recently I discussed how a gnawing feeling in your gut may represent the need for a little self growth. One thing that gnawed at me was that I didn’t measure my progress very methodically. I look at pictures, check out my training log, and pretty much know if I’m lifting more. A log is a {Read More…}

Abs Training for Strength and Definition

Since we’re fed images of ripped models and athletes by the media, we may be cornered into thinking a six-pack is the ideal. But for most of us, abs training means achieving a strong, protective core along with a body composition we’re comfortable with. Yes, I am talking about your “core” here, not just your abs. The term “core” is used to define the area that controls our center of gravity – the abs, lower back, glutes, lats, and hips –the stabilization and movement center of your body. {Read More…}

Using Cardio to Increase Your Metabolism

Who doesn’t want a faster metabolism? People with fast metabolisms can stave off weight gain and burn calories more efficiently. That’s because with a flexible, healthy metabolism, your body can adjust to your changing food intake and switch between carbs and fat for energy effectively. A faster metabolism is the result of genetics, a clean diet, and regular exercise. Strength training builds muscle, which burns more calories than fat. But how does cardio factor in to metabolism? Endurance Cardio In the most simple {Read More…}