Want Results? Better Know Your Sweet Spot

 A runner I was talking to last week said she wanted to build muscle in her upper body. As we were talking about exercises she should do, I mentioned that she would probably really enjoy the end result of looking cut. I could see a light go on in her response – yes, that would be sweet! Now she was excited to get started in a way she hadn’t been before. 

Your sweet spot is what makes you go. If you don’t know what your sweet spot is, you won’t make much happen in your life, including weight training. You must know what motivates you. 

I have many sweet spots around weight training and that’s why I’m so passionate about it. I love being strong. I enjoy how my body looks and feels. I enjoy the process of planning and the act of weight lifting. I love the culture. These are just a few of my personal motivators. 

Want to know another end result of knowing your sweet spot? You’ll get the same benefits mentally that you get physically. After seeing results in your body, you’ll have inner hotness as well as looking hot. Once your body responds to weight training, you’ll have confidence that you are healthier. And when you see that your upper body is as strong as your lower body, you’ll have confidence that you can do more without getting injured. 

You can’t underestimate the powerful effect this has. 

Once you find your sweet spot, you’ll find consistency in your training. Only then will you see the results you want.

What are Your Sweet Spots?

Strength. There’s something to be said for feeling strong physically – it becomes a mentality, an approach to life. Whether you want to be more independent, carry around your kids without pain, or prevent injury, you know your reasons and that’s all that matters.

Balance in your body. You may be super strong in your legs but feel weak up top (or vice versa). Branching out and giving your body balance will help prevent you from injuring yourself. 

Looking hot. You can look hot by exercising and that’s a superb reason for doing it. Don’t be ashamed – it’s great fun looking good and weight training can do that for you.

Being cut. It’s ok to want definition in your arms and a tight behind. It’s not a bad thing to have to question whether should wear that tank top because it makes people insanely jealous! 

Bone health. If you’re over 40 and questioning why you should bother with weights, strengthening your bones is reason enough.

There may be other sweet spots for you around weight training – the social aspect, the way it makes you feel, the technical aspects. Or maybe you just like feeling like a bad ass (another one of mine). 

Your sweet spot is so individual – it doesn’t matter what others think about it. What’s yours?

9 thoughts on “Want Results? Better Know Your Sweet Spot

  1. Mine is strength! Recently my personal trainer has let me add in boxing (mitts and bag) into our other mix of weights, etc. I LOVE how I feel when I box.

    Great post here! After April 12th I’ll have to do weights and strength training on my own as we are switching gyms and I won’t have a trainer (at least for some time). I need to plan what and how I will do my workouts so hopefully I’ll start to love the process of planning too.

    I’m finding it a bit of a struggle to know where to start in planning what I’ll do once I no longer have a trainer. Need to have a plan and not go in blindly that is for sure.


    • Christian, I suppose you’re right! I’m so glad we can all be friends. And thanks.

      Paige, I love this. I admire you for knowing what your sweet spot is – that means you’re probably already a pretty hot mama, and better yet, you know it (I hope).

      Angie: Too cool that you’ve been able to do some boxing. You’ve peaked my interest… boxing surely lets you show your strength and feel strong (I can see why you love it). It can be overwhelming to come up with a new routine, that’s true. If you want to see some full-body routines, click the “Routines” tag on the right. Also see the tab at the top of the page.


  2. Wow. It never occurred to me how far I could take this. When I started, I just wanted to NOT be a fat girl. My next goal? For my arms to stop jiggling.

    But cut? Hot? I can has these?


  3. Okay, so I’ll be the first here to admit it, mine is strength.. and looking hot! I’m just being honest here, I like staying in shape and I like looking good, its like, when I look in the mirror I want to feel good about what I see, it is my body after all and when I look good I feel good.


    • I’m all for looking hot. Why have it any other way? It’s something we can control. And the benefit of feeling good when we look in the mirror is huge. Thanks for stopping by!


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