Sexy Back: Two Routines

Your back is a powerful, beautiful part of your body. A strong, muscular back protects you from injury and can give your upper body an athletic, sexy V-shape. I realized recently that I look at a person’s back (right after their arms) to gauge how fit they are!

I used to hate working my back. But with consistency and heavy resistance, my back muscles responded with nice definition and increased strength. Yours can too using these routines, which work your upper, middle, and lower back.

Remember to lift enough weight to make the last few repetitions challenging. Mix it up by changing the order of the exercises, adding more weight, and varying the reps. Changing the grip (narrow/wide, standard/reverse) is another way to keep shocking your muscles into growth.

If you’re a beginner, use lighter weight to start. Always use impeccable form! Enjoy!

Back Routine 1

Back Routine 2

13 thoughts on “Sexy Back: Two Routines

  1. Thanks for the info! I was never really worried about my back until I started lifting weights and focusing on core work. I was looking for some good back exercises.

    Swimming has done most of the work for me, to be honest!


    • You’re a rock star with your consistent swimming Lisa. Your back is surely quite beautiful and strong! I wish more people had access to pools, etc. I have trouble with the chlorine myself.


      • The pool has done wonders for my back and shoulders. But unfortunately, none of it has gotten rid of the extra skin or extra pounds…so my back isn’t quite what I’d like it to be.


  2. I LOVES me a sexy back!

    Thanks for the info. Just as soon as I know my shoulder works, I’ll definitely be trying these out.

    You are a BEAST! And I mean that in a gorgeous and stupendous way. 🙂


  3. oh my gosh, you are so right about the back. Sure, I work my back, but I don’t give my back efforts the same love that I do my abs and legs and arms ‘n stuff. My back has always been an afterthought, but not after today. Thanks, girl!


    • Thank you Michelle you’re a hot, sexy mama yoself! Get that shoulder better SOON.
      You’re welcome Josie and thank you for stopping by! Get on those back exercises now – I bet you’ll put on the muscle quickly. And Wooot!!!! Thanks
      Kohy, this comment made me laugh out loud. You’re the best. Yow, I bet your lats looks awesome!
      Pull ups are killer Lindsay. I bet you do them better than me!!!


  4. Male perspective, aesthetically speaking: No aspect of female physicality is as striking as an athletic, toned, and proportionate back.

    When it’s done, and done right, a detailed back says more about a woman than all the toned arms, tight butts, fake finger nails, boobs, and hair extensions combined. A well shaped back is the result of well planned and well executed workouts, and is truly artistic.


    • You’re an evolved male, Roy, so it’s always interesting to hear your perspective :). I so agree with you, and it’s how I look at the whole human body. Sculpting, defining, and focusing on different muscle groups is my love. When you see someone who, as you describe it so well, has well planned and well executed workouts, you know it.


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