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Want Results? Better Know Your Sweet Spot

 A runner I was talking to last week said she wanted to build muscle in her upper body. As we were talking about exercises she should do, I mentioned that she would probably really enjoy the end result of looking cut. I could see a light go on in her response – yes, that would be sweet! Now she was excited to get started in a way she hadn’t been before.  Your sweet spot is what makes you go. If {Read More…}

Those Voices Don’t Know About Me

There’s a song by Akron that really hits me. I love that song. Yeah, here’s why. A few voices started hanging out in my brain at the first of the year. I hadn’t heard them in ages, so I noticed when they came around. Uninvited. “Why’d you stop doing cardio? You look like shit! Did you really think you could get away with it? Those cute pants you bought sure don’t look good anymore, do they? You’ll never have nice abs. Christ. {Read More…}

Using Isolation Exercises to Supplement Your Routine

As you’ve no doubt heard, you can’t spot reduce any area of your body but you can focus on building strength in certain areas if needed. Strive for balance in your body – you’ll accomplish this with compound, multi-joint movements with a few isolation exercises thrown in. You may have heard that  compound movements are better when it comes to weight training. These are the exercises that use many muscle groups at once, including your abs, instead of just one {Read More…}

Weight Training at Home: What You Need

Do you need fancy gym equipment to get a good weight-training workout? No. Several people have asked me this recently and it may be because I often talk about mixing your routine up in the gym. Also, for various reasons I don’t work out at home. But the truth is you can get the same results at home using some basic equipment. It’s really simple to work out at home. You don’t have to worry about workout clothes, driving, or {Read More…}

Sexy Back: Two Routines

Your back is a powerful, beautiful part of your body. A strong, muscular back protects you from injury and can give your upper body an athletic, sexy V-shape. I realized recently that I look at a person’s back (right after their arms) to gauge how fit they are! I used to hate working my back. But with consistency and heavy resistance, my back muscles responded with nice definition and increased strength. Yours can too using these routines, which work your {Read More…}

Are You Doing All You Can to Stay Injury Free?

If you’re injury free, how do you maintain this state of bliss? And if not, are you practicing these basic injury prevention principals? The first half of last year I had pain in my shoulder, knee, wrist, and elbow. I went to physical therapy and used wrist and elbow supports to help myself recover. Now that I’ve been injury free for awhile, I want to share what I’ve learned over the last year. Injuries prevent you from doing what you {Read More…}