Sculpting your Inner Thighs and Glutes

What’s your favorite things about your body? Everyone has flaws, but it’s more fun to focus on the positives, don’t you think?

As for myself, I like the way I’ve been able to sculpt my glutes and inner thighs over the last several years. I’m not embarrassed to say that because I used to have the flattest butt around. And inner thighs? Who thinks about those? You think about them if you don’t like them and you think about them if you do like them.

I wanted to share a few exercises that I’ve found result in a fabulous lift at the glute-ham tie in (that place where the glutes meet the hamstrings) and firm, shapely inner thighs (hip adductors).

Remember Diet, Too

To see your sexy, sculpted muscles you need to be eating mostly low-fat foods. Some people like to accomplish this by eating clean – whatever works for you. The other part of a successful muscle shaping plan requires regular, intense cardio to burn fat. Add the following exercises to your existing leg routine and your glutes and inner thighs can become two of your favorite features.

Glute-Hamstring Tie in

The following exercises are great for getting a substantial butt lift. You may already know some of these, but have you tried doing them as supersets or pyramids? Also, if you want to see results I hope you are using a heavy weight (with caution if you’re a beginner). You should be able to lift a lot with your legs!

Inner Thighs

Instead of trying to isolate your inner thigh muscles, work on shaping your legs as a whole. I don’t use the adductor machine (an isolation exercise) because it moves the hips in an unnatural plane and could result in unbalanced muscles. I focus instead more on compound movements that use the inner thighs to stabilize the rest of the body. The exercises for your glutes above are also great for your inner thighs!

If you have other ways of training these muscles, please share! Good luck and have fun.

12 thoughts on “Sculpting your Inner Thighs and Glutes

  1. Oh baby, those are some powerful butt exercises. Two of my favorites for glutes and hams is the glute-ham raise and the one legged romanian deadlift with dumbbell in opposite hand as working leg. The latter one especially really works the core as well.


  2. I agree. One shouldn’t waste their time on the adductor/abductor machines. This took me trial and error as many things in fitness. But lessons I always aspire to nonetheless.

    I found Curtsy and Backward Lunges are fabulous as well. Thanks for sharing your tips with us. I know we are adore it. 😉


  3. A great way to effect a sneak attack on the glute/hamstring tie-in (aka The Smile Line)is with 1-legged 45 degree leg presses — done slowly, through a complete range of motion, moderate weight and reps. For those who have never done them, they are guaranteed to make you sore, and done consistently over time, can be a supreme ass hardener. Can I say “ass” here..


  4. Hi Suzanne! Right now, my foot doctor told me I can’t do lunges or squats while we wait for neuromas to improve on the bottoms of my feet. What exercises do you recommend for a better booty that don’t put lots of pressure on the balls of your feet? Thanks for sharing any scoop.


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