Workout Swap #3: Superset Fun (part 1)

It’s time for another workout swap with my Twitter buddy Kris O’Connor (@Krazy_Kris). I love doing Kris’ intense circuit routines because they put me out of my comfort zone – I learn workout techniques and styles I’m not accustomed to! Even though I love weight lifting and that’s my mainstay, I still do Kris’ first two workouts when I want to shake things up. So we’re swapping routines again – give them both a try and see what you think (and see my recap of how I did here).

The workout I created this time is a crazy tough weights routine that will work all your muscle groups. I typically work only two or three muscle groups at a time; lifting hard for your full body is super challenging. Feel free to break up this routine over several sessions if you want. I added some optional exercises for each segment.

Ready? Get started here but be sure to see the info below first. Don’t forget to check out the workout Kris created for our workout swap! Thank you, Kris for challenging me in ways I never would’ve tried.

About Opposing Muscle Supersets

Studies show that when you superset opposing muscle groups (such as back and chest) you’re stronger than usual on the second exercise. Being stronger means you can lift more weight, build more muscle, and burn more calories! This translates into a higher metabolism as well. Working opposing muscle groups together also helps prevent muscle imbalances and makes your workout go faster.

For each superset, do 8-10 reps of dumbbell chest presses followed immediately by 8-10 pull ups. Repeat two more times without rest. After the third set, rest for 60-90 seconds before moving on to the next exercise.

Tips: Incorporate this technique once a week for two to four weeks. Then use straight sets for two to four weeks, then returning to supersets. You may want to use slightly lighter weights than usual for supersets.

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7 thoughts on “Workout Swap #3: Superset Fun (part 1)

  1. Okay..I’ve been unfaithful. I’ve been only using my new elliptical.

    Time to get back into a little weight lifting. As much as I curse you when I’m working out, I really REALLY appreciate you and Kris!


    • Tina, I really appreciate your stopping by. You are amazing working out throughout your pregnancy!
      Michelle, I miss you in the weight room (but good job with the elliptical!). Can’t wait to hear what fun routines you start doing!


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