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Killer Hamstring/Glutes Routine

I created a new routine targeting my glutes and hamstrings last week and really burned them up! If you want to get your shapely, sexy backside on, emphasize glute and ham exercises regularly.  To keep the burn alive on subsequent workouts, increase the weight and mix it up by changing the number of reps and sets. I added leg presses (quads) and calf exercises for balance. Hacksaw squat – Tough variation of the lunge using dumbbells. Hamstring curl – These are harder than {Read More…}

Finding Your Balance in the Weight Room

How balanced are you? I confronted this question last week when I took a cross-country skiing lesson. While learning the kick and glide technique, which requires you to balance on one foot while moving fairly fast, it became apparent that you need a good amount of balance for this sport. On one hand, I was impressed that I had any balance at all; on the other hand, I decided I can use even more. Not only is stabilization needed for {Read More…}

What’s Holding You Back from Lifting Weights?

Ever since my post about the hidden benefits of weightlifting, I have been intrigued by the barriers keeping people from lifting or getting the most out of lifting. I heard from people who echoed the following myths or said they’d heard them. Are you buying into any of these misconceptions? Myth: Runners should avoid weightlifting Many runners think bigger muscles will slow them down; however, weightlifting can actually improve your running performance and also help to prevent injuries. A strong upper body makes {Read More…}

Sculpting your Inner Thighs and Glutes

What’s your favorite things about your body? Everyone has flaws, but it’s more fun to focus on the positives, don’t you think? As for myself, I like the way I’ve been able to sculpt my glutes and inner thighs over the last several years. I’m not embarrassed to say that because I used to have the flattest butt around. And inner thighs? Who thinks about those? You think about them if you don’t like them and you think about them if {Read More…}

A Secret Weapon for Challenging your Muscles

My triceps were so sore from my workout last week that I wanted to share what I did differently. I usually work shoulders first and I did so last Monday too. So what gave my triceps such a workout? First I did dumbbell one-armed triceps extensions. These are incredibly challenging if you use enough weight. I could only do 8 reps for 3 sets. Second I did triceps pushdowns at the cable station. I think this is where I really {Read More…}

Recap: Superset Fun

Ah, the joys of mixing up your workout. You discover both your strong and your weak areas while learning a whole new way of challenging yourself. During this latest workout swap with my fitness friend Kris (@Krazy_Kris), I was reminded that I’m not so strong in endurance, but I can still get in there and do a knock-out job. My usual routines consist of advanced weight lifting routines for individual muscle groups with some circuits thrown in. Kris’ routines are {Read More…}