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Workout Swap #2: High-Intensity Weights Routine

I love mixing up my weight training routine and rarely ever do the same exact thing twice. I make small tweaks, such as the grip, the amount of weight, or the order of the exercises, and I constantly change up the exercises themselves. I also mix it up by using techniques such as negatives, supersets, and drop sets. I’ve seen incredible results from weight training – not only do I feel strong and energetic, but I’ve seen great muscle definition {Read More…}

Fast and Intense: Quick Workouts for Real Results

You’ve got 30 minutes to work out and you want to lift weights and maybe squeeze in some cardio. Are you ready to get pumped? Because shorter workouts mean higher intensity!* As I said in my post about compound movements and 30-minute workouts, you can do a traditional weights routine and still see results over time. You can always increase the weight or reps or decrease your rest time. But if you’re ready for some variety and major time savings, {Read More…}

My Favorite Exercises for Hot, Muscular Abs

I’m constantly looking for ways to challenge my abs. I mix it up with a huge variety of bodyweight exercises, but since I’m working towards muscular abs, I need to use weights. Here are my favorite resistance exercises for smokin’ hot abs. Five tips for getting there are at the end of this post. Weighted Hanging Leg Raise This exercise is a great all-over abs exercise but especially the lower abs. It can give you a burn without even using a {Read More…}

Confronting Silent Shrieks of Fear

I tend to think of myself as brave and independent with an underdeveloped vulnerable side, kind of like the Sheila Rae character in the popular children’s books. I may be small in stature but I like being strong, rational, and self-aware and those are the cores of my identity. That being said, I have some rather irrational fears that I don’t talk about – or think about much either. In the spirit of continually evolving into a more aware strong and brave woman, {Read More…}

Endurance Workout for a Weights Girl

Today @Krazy_Kris and I swapped workouts – I gave her a full-body weights routineand she gave me a top-to-bottom endurance routine. We both went outside our comfort zones to do something we don’t normally do – she lifted weights and I focused on endurance. (See her post-workout results here.) Here’s a blow-by-blow of how I did with her challenging workout! Part 1 – A Circuit of 5 Exercises for Time For each set, complete each exercise for 1 minute with {Read More…}

The Cycle of Unawareness: There’s a Better Way

1. Ignore your body’s signals. 2. Wait until your body is in distress. 3. React unconsciously. Hungry, thirsty, tired, bloated. You ignore the signals. More intense distress signals such as ravenous, low-blood-sugar hunger or extreme fatigue. You overeat… or lie down. Or, instead of ignoring the signals, you react every time, putting a band-aid on your body. Being Unaware costs you. The price? Being overweight, out of shape, tired, bloated, or unhealthy. Or all of these. Unaware and Suffering Body {Read More…}