Owning the Weight Room – and Your Strength

I’ve been lifting weights on and off for 15 years. I blog about what’s worked for me and what I’ve learned on my own and as a personal trainer. I know how to get stand-out muscle definition, how to lift safely, and how to eat clean.

There are two more things I know about: How to have fun lifting weights, and how to be a woman in the weight room.

Many, many women are intimidated by the weight room. Both men and women are bored by it. Some people can’t find the time. Others don’t know where to start.

Whatever it is that holds you back, I want to show you someone who not only benefits from it, but enjoys it.

I’ve heard stories of women being stared down in weight rooms and having rude comments made to them. Let me tell you, if you’re confident of you’re doing, you won’t let anyone do those things to you. It just takes a little education and the confidence follows.

When I walk into the weight room, I own it. Most of the time, I’m the only woman in a roomful of testosterone. Not only do I know what I’m doing, but you better get out of my way. If I’m using those weights, I’m going to say so. If you’re using something I need, I’m going to ask you how many more sets you have. You can get respect at the gym and as a consequence more respect for yourself.

When you lift weights, you feel strong, and I don’t mean just physically.

I want you to lift weights not only for your health, but to enjoy seeing those results. While you’re working hard at your cardio and lifting routine, I want you to get insane satisfaction seeing muscle definition emerge in your body. Feel stronger and more flexible. Not be afraid of lifting something heavy and not injure yourself by moving in daily life.

How badly do you want it? If you’re walking on the treadmill, doing the same exercises over and over, or not lifting heavy enough weights, you won’t see results. You need to push yourself to get strong. Do you want it?

That’s it – that’s my agenda. I love helping you find joy in the strength you feel both inside and out when you pump iron.

Now, let’s stop talking and start planning your next routine.

11 thoughts on “Owning the Weight Room – and Your Strength

  1. “When I walk into the weight room, I own it.”

    I wish more women, even beginners in strength training could adapt this attitude. Put on a show, flaunt perfect form in the face of men executing poorly, be a leader even as a novice. Love this post, love this attitude. Being strong is a good problem to have — male or female.


    • Thanks Roy, you articulate this attitude perfectly. I do wish more beginners knew this secret. I definitely did some non-standard, slightly embarrassing things when I was starting out in the gym, but I just kept my head down and kept going. Sometimes I even smiled to myself, wondering if anyone got a kick out of my faux pas ;).


  2. I love lifting weights!!! I feel so powerful. I have a 30 minute dumbbell rountine that I do, but I see great results! I love being able to increase my weights!!!


    • You’re so right Eunice – it can give women a whole new level of confidence to get in there. Hopefully we can spread the word and let people know what they’re missing. Thanks for writing – love your foodie blog!


  3. I love this! In fact I love your entire blog. I have found my way back to the gym after 20 years and I am loving it…but finding out every step of the way that I have more to learn about confidence in the weight room, lifting, and nutrition. You have great advice, and I will be visiting regularly!


    • Thanks Melinda! I checked out your blog and was inspired by your story. Anyone who is working toward goals like yours is a star in my book – and you look great! I think you might kick my ass! 🙂 Keep up the great work and have fun.


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