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Know What You Want from Weights

Today in the gym a woman was lifting weights next to me and she was clearly pushing herself. I was impressed how hard she was working, not resting between reverse bicep curls and cable curls and using pretty heavy weight. I watched her for a moment, and, always excited to see another woman like myself in the gym, commented that she seemed to be getting a great burn. She replied that at age forty, she needed to work hard to {Read More…}

Being Proactive About Shoulder Pain: Exercises to Prevent Pain

Whenever I see someone in the gym moving their arm in big circles while holding their shoulder, I know they’re not stretching or exercising. It’s a telltale sign of shoulder pain. While no amount of arm circling will make the pain go away, there are exercises you can do to prevent pain in the first place. And you should do them regularly, along with your usual weight training routine. It’s a fact that when you lift weights regularly, you put {Read More…}

Inspiration from a Bodybuilder’s Routine

Yesterday at the gym I was inspired when one of the few bodybuilders who go there spent some time giving me some tips. I’d been watching him do something that looked intense – their workouts often look dramatic and happily tormented – when he saw me and asked if I was up for it. I said yes, actually, I was working my calves and was going to the sitting calf machine next. A Powerful Technique for Growth So the bodybuilder {Read More…}

Growth in the Gym Not Just About Muscles

When you’re ready to grow in some aspect of your life, you usually know on some level that means trying something new. Whether it’s your job, your relationships, or the way you manage your finances, you know when it’s time to adjust your focus and learn. Your workout routine needs to grow just like other areas of your life, so why do we walk past those mystery machines in the gym day after day and always forget to bring those {Read More…}