You Can Get Cut – and Love Doing It

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of how to get cut. Let’s say you lift weights but aren’t seeing a lot of muscle definition. I’m talking about being able to see the shape of your deltoids and maybe even your biceps and triceps. A backside that stands up instead of sliding down a hill! Calves that have shape. And of course the Holy Grail if you want to go the extra mile – defined abs.

Yes, you want strong bones, a higher metabolism, and a stronger body. Those are obvious benefits from lifting weights. But I’ve heard many women talk about how they just couldn’t attain the muscle definition they want.

Obviously no one’s body is perfect, including mine. I may never see my abs completely, because I just don’t want my body fat to be that low. But part of the “nirvana” of weightlifting (for me, anyway) is seeing changes in your body that are amazing. The muscle definition in my arms has increased and I feel stronger than I ever have because of a few principles I follow. These are not new ideas by any means and you can read about them anywhere. The key is that you will not get cut unless you do them all consistently over time. That means I don’t slack off for a few weeks in any of these areas. If I did, I would stop seeing results and I’d be frustrated. And if I can avoid feeling frustrated, I will!

You might get different, wonderful benefits from following these basic principles. And you might already be benefiting from working out. That’s great. But if you want to be cut and look as good as you possibly can, then make a decision to do what it takes. You might even start to love doing these things (as I do) and be unwilling to stop  ever!

If a cut physique is what you want, then do the following consistently:

  • Track your weightlifting sessions with training journal.
  • Lift heavy. (But start with lighter weights to gain strength and prevent injury.)
  • Mix up your routine constantly to avoid plateaus.
  • Do regular cardio or circuit train with weights.
  • Eat clean with plenty of protein.
  • Love doing these things.

These practices have become my lifestyle and a source of joy for me. The fact that I love doing them certainly helps me to do them consistently. Those are the two keys: consistency and enjoyment. Without them, you probably won’t get cut.

Keep in mind that after awhile, your muscle and strength gains will slow down and even halt completely. That’s when it’s time to get help or change the variables intelligently.

I’ll go into more details about these principles in future posts. In the meantime, besides training, think about how you’d really like to look and feel. Your vision can become reality, especially if it’s nirvana for you and not work.

4 thoughts on “You Can Get Cut – and Love Doing It

  1. This was a great post!

    I started reading on your injurty post.. I’m overcoming a pulled rib muscle and trying very hard to tell myself it would be dumb to run 10 miles tomorrow after a week of nada, but I miss it! I love working out too, can’t wait to read more of your blog


    • Thanks so much! Waiting it out is such a challenge… You know it’s the right thing to do but when you’re passionate about something it feels so unnatural to stop! Good job taking care of yourself and get better soon.


    • Thanks Lisl, I’m so glad you stopped by! It’s inspiring to get that kind of comment from someone who obviously kills it like myself :). Can’t wait to spend some time perusing your site too!


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