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Got it Goin’ On? Strut Your Stuff!

Yesterday I was prowling the Safeway parking lot in search of the Starbucks Wi-Fi when a woman walked across the crosswalk in front of me. She was probably in her forties and was by no means a “classic beauty;” she was simply fit and exuded confidence. As she crossed in front of me I had to smile: This sista was swinging it like she knew she had it going on – and she did. I paused to think about why {Read More…}

Want Great Glutes? Stick to This Plan

The “slide” of your backside is not inevitable, believe it or not. I used to have the flattest butt around. In fact, the primary reason I started weight lifting years ago was because of a comment a guy made while I was having drinks with friends: Me: “I laughed my ass off about that!” Him: “What ass?” Nice, huh? I didn’t hang out with that guy much after that but I certainly took a look to see what he was {Read More…}

30 Minutes is All You Need to Lift Weights

A friend recently decided to get back into weight lifting after facing the major time crunch of having a toddler, a teenager, and a job. She wanted very much to get back into weights and regain that cut look, but time seemed like an insurmountable obstacle. Lack of time has got to be the number one reason many people get out of the weight lifting groove or never venture in despite the many benefits. My friend drives past the gym {Read More…}

A Night to Remember: Sleep Study Less than Relaxing

If you’ve ever woken up because you’re not breathing, you may be able to relate when I say it’s a terrifying experience. This has happened to me only occasionally over the last few years, but when it did I would sit bolt upright, my lungs sucking violently inward for a breath. The worst part wasn’t waking up with empty lungs; it was my heart racing way, way faster than it should be. That and having to manually restart my breathing. {Read More…}

Surprise! I Can Get Hurt!

It’s not just teenagers who believe they can defy the odds of injury – it’s people like me who’ve forgotten the risks of overdoing it at the gym. Four days a week I walk into the gym with a plan and a journal, which tell me how much I lifted last time and what I’m capable of next time. I’m in good condition and I’m systematic, and that – along with careful form – helps prevent injuries. But I was {Read More…}

You Can Get Cut – and Love Doing It

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of how to get cut. Let’s say you lift weights but aren’t seeing a lot of muscle definition. I’m talking about being able to see the shape of your deltoids and maybe even your biceps and triceps. A backside that stands up instead of sliding down a hill! Calves that have shape. And of course the Holy Grail if you want to go the extra mile – defined abs. Yes, you want strong {Read More…}