New Biceps Routine

Great  biceps workout tonight using Oxygen Magazine’s biceps routine (August 2010 issue). I love shaking it up and I’m sure to notice some soreness tomorrow. I also threw in an old favorite of mine, hammer curls. If you need to see videos on these exercises check out

Do each exercise for 12 repetitions and three sets. Use enough weight so that you have trouble completing the final rep with proper form.

V-bar cable curl – Attach a v-shaped bar to the low pulley and grab it with underhand grip. Curl up to your chest, keeping elbows by your sides. Pause and lower the bar back down.

Wide-grip cable curl – Use the long straight bar attached to the low pulley (the one used for lat pull downs). Place hands should-width apart and curl the bar up to your shoulders, keeping elbows at your sides. Lower the bar down.

Preacher bench barbell curl – Stand at a preacher-curl station holding a light barbell in both hands, palms up. Rest your upper arms on the slanted pad. Keep your back straight and curl the barbell up until it reaches your shoulders. Slowly lower it back down without locking your arms.

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