Finding the Abs Within

I found my abs a couple of months ago. If you’re looking for yours or have already found them, you know this is a big deal. I was starting to wonder if I would ever see those muscles. I did cardio several times a week, lifted heavy, and changed my abs routine frequently. And by most standards, I was a healthy eater.

But I was thwarted day after day by some sort of intestinal distress (damn that bloat!), and if wasn’t water retention it was a stubborn layer of fat right below my C-section scar. I knew a woman who’d given up and had surgery, and I was starting to wonder if it was really possible to get rid of that pudge.

Then, it happened. I started “eating clean” – a buzz phrase at the moment but an eating approach that has its roots in the 1960’s. Tosca Reno has books on the subject and I learned about it from friends and healthy eating research. I didn’t care where it came from; it sounded simple so I decided to try it.

Not only have my lifelong stomach problems all but disappeared, but I lost that pudge in my lower abs. Granted, I had only a slight layer of fat to begin with it. But I was still surprised that it only took a few weeks for the changes to become evident. This, after years of suffering! Now I’m not saying I have fitness-model abs, but now it’s a seemingly attainable goal.

Nowadays, I don’t rely on cardio to stay lean. My intense weight lifting sessions and new eating approach are a lot more fun than hours on a stationary machine. There’s only one catch about clean eating: You can’t eat clean “sometimes.” It’s a lifestyle. Intrigued? Check out the Clean Eating tab at the top of this page.

3 thoughts on “Finding the Abs Within

  1. Well Suz, I wouldn’t dare try to look for my abs, that would be too humiliating! However, I wanted to say that your blog is great, and sure to help and inspire many others in their quest for health and fitness. Great job so far!


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