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Attacking Water Weight with Potassium

It’s been suggested that increasing potassium can reduce water retention. Since water weight is an obstacle to more defined abs, it”s worth a try to increase this mineral!  There are so many potential causes of uncomfortable stomach bloat – high-fat, high-fat diets, processed ingredients, high salt intake, not enough fluids, excessive sweating, etc. Eliminating foods and drinking more water are the first things to try. If you’re otherwise lean and still can’t see your abs, it’s probably water retention. And if {Read More…}

True Love at the Gym: Using a Workout Journal

I have the perfect companion at the gym. Helpful, motivational, and always by my side. If our relationship was ever lost I would be heartbroken – and damn mad. My training log – or workout journal, pick your name – fits in my hand so nicely. It’s become rather worn, packed with my scribblings about how much weight I’ve lifted and how many reps I’ve done. And it’s only been since I started using it – six months ago – {Read More…}

Finding the Energy to Get Moving

When I was doing gym classes a few years ago, I would bonk halfway through without fail. I could actually look at the clock and know what time the shakes would be setting in. I felt like some kind of freak! I couldn’t understand why I could barely finish the class. Everybody else in the class seemed to be doing fine while I could barely lift my arms. So I started taking an energy drink in the gym with me, and looking {Read More…}

Berries for Muscle and Health

I have been completely floored by the effects of berries on my health. I started adding blueberries to my oatmeal last summer and began noticing differences in my energy level and immune system within a few weeks. Simply being bored with oatmeal gave me insight into a food I’ve ignored all my life – a food that belongs in any clean eating lifestyle. Obviously berries have been exalted for their copious anti-antioxidants, but for some reason many people ignore them. {Read More…}

Finding the Abs Within

I found my abs a couple of months ago. If you’re looking for yours or have already found them, you know this is a big deal. I was starting to wonder if I would ever see those muscles. I did cardio several times a week, lifted heavy, and changed my abs routine frequently. And by most standards, I was a healthy eater. But I was thwarted day after day by some sort of intestinal distress (damn that bloat!), and if {Read More…}