Motion is beautiful.

This thought occurred to me as I was walking on an incredible Technicolor spring day in Denver. There I was, an office grunt on a meager lunchtime stroll, considering tomorrow’s workout. Taking in the smells of trees, grass, and seeds simply everywhere, I suddenly became aware that I was moving. My body moving through space over bumps in the asphalt – me, traveling.

Without a doubt I take moving for granted, as we all do. But in that moment I was grateful for the ability to move through space.

Maybe, since motion is beautiful, that’s why it feels so good to drive my body to the limit at the gym. Can I really lift that much? Why yes, actually I can, and all I had to do was try. Using new techniques, tracking my workouts, researching new exercises, and adopting clean eating are all passions that have turned into a lifestyle for me and many, many others. It begins as a desire to look better, or lose weight, or get stronger, or relieve stress. Whatever drives you to work out, it can become beautiful. Not just a grating, get-through-it workout, but a true desire to be there in the gym with other like-minded souls.

For me, weight lifting and working out have become essential to living.

And so begins my blog about workout nirvana. Beautiful motions for a beautiful body and mind.

3 thoughts on “Motion

  1. Suzanne, love your new blog! I agree, motion IS beautiful… and reading your posts has already inspired me. 🙂

    Speaking of beauty, I found myself admiring another swimmer’s quiet, lovely stroke this morning at my gym, and before long we were talking about upcoming triathlons, comparing notes. I told her I wasn’t a longtime swimmer, and she remarked that my stroke looked natural… amazing! Maybe I’m not as much of a thrasher as I think. 🙂

    I’m inspired to do more weight training… my multiple shoulder injuries are holding me back, as they’re easily irritated (I’ve been told I’m a surgery candidate). I’ll have to do some research on how to do more, safely. Thanks for the inspiration!


    • Thanks, Lea, I’ve been inspired by your blog too. With your lovely athletic build you don’t need weights, but lifting is so much fun nonetheless. I’m sure you’ve tried physical therapy… I went recently for minor impingement and am good as new. Swimming is something I want to explore too – it sounds peaceful and relaxing, a benefit I never even thought of! Keep on blogging and keep in touch…


  2. Hi, Suzanne,

    This is great and you look wonderful. Please more pictures of your workout, belly dancing and cardio!
    WOW! You are beautiful!


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