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Climbing to Nirvana

This morning at the playground, my daughter shouted that there was something gross on the slide and insisted I come up and see it. Without hesitation, I grabbed the winding ladder pole in front of me and climbed up to the platform (finding a sticky melted ice cream at the top). My daughter was impressed at what I’d just done. I thought about this later and the fact that I was fit enough to climb up instead of walking up {Read More…}


Motion is beautiful. This thought occurred to me as I was walking on an incredible Technicolor spring day in Denver. There I was, an office grunt on a meager lunchtime stroll, considering tomorrow’s workout. Taking in the smells of trees, grass, and seeds simply everywhere, I suddenly became aware that I was moving. My body moving through space over bumps in the asphalt – me, traveling. Without a doubt I take moving for granted, as we all do. But in {Read More…}