The Art of Food Tracking (Part 2)

Art of Food Tracking Part 2

We all eat mindlessly to some extent, even when we eat clean. What and how we eat are set to automatic pilot, which is one reason it’s so hard to make meaningful changes to our diets. But stalking your diet (er, food tracking), even for a short time, can help you make both small tweaks or gradual, bigger changes that have a big impact on your life and health. In Part 1 of this series, I talked about how and why to get {Read More…}

The Art of Food Tracking (Part 1)

The Art of Food Tracking (Part 1) | Workout Nirvana

Tracking your food is incredibly illuminating. And while you might imagine yourself tediously scribbling what you ate on a lunch napkin (to the disdain of your coworkers), food tracking has become more of an art than an inconvenience. The secret to getting the most out of food tracking is having a system. Where food tracking often fails is having a consistent system. Tracking seems novel for the first few days, but soon life gets in the way and you just can’t fit it in. Or {Read More…}

The Guide to Clean Eating on Autopilot

quinoa salad

Clean eating continues to be the easy target of tired attacks in recent years. The in-vogue bashers call it obsessive, overly restrictive, and ill-defined, but these criticisms are ignorant and usually accompanied by a hidden agenda. Ironically, clean eating is a series of simple habits that make obsessing and restricting completely unnecessary. Sure, you can get neurotic about pretty much anything if you have that propensity to begin with, including counting calories, measuring food, weighing yourself, and basically monitoring yourself to the Nth degree. And if you haven’t read Tosca Reno’s The Eat Clean Diet, {Read More…}

Survive the Free Breakfast Buffet, Clean-Eating Style

Not the best breakfast buffet

Oh, how I love free hotel breakfasts. Or to clarify, how I love the price – usually included with the room. It’s rare that I actually love breakfast buffet food. When I’m not busy dodging awkward reaches and jostling by other guests, I’m dodging the horrid food choices. At one hotel breakfast in a sleepy town near a national park, the buffet began with biscuits and gravy, progressed to all-white bread and cereals, and finished off with buttery eggs, slabs {Read More…}

Calling All Women Ready to Build Muscle and Get Cut!

Calling all iron sisters who want to build more muscle!

SOLD OUT! Sign up for updates to learn about my next group opening up! (Just enter your info in the green box at the right.) “I can’t believe the compliments I’m getting on the definition in my arms.” “I’ve gone from zero to three pull ups in the last two months!” “I feel stronger and more confident when I walk up to the squat rack.” Starting February 10th, I’ll be leading a group of women to more muscle in a {Read More…}

Will You Gain Weight From Lifting Weights?

Can you gain weight from weightlifting?

From what I’ve seen, there are two camps when it comes to women and weightlifing: Those who don’t want to gain weight from lifting weights and those who do want to (that is, gain muscle). This article will give you the facts about achieving either goal with weightlifting. Fat Loss and Weightlifting Hopefully you understand that lifting weights is critical to fat loss. Even so, you might be worried you’ll actually gain weight from lifting weights. If this is you, check out these {Read More…}