Holistic Fat Loss: Is It More Effective?

Getting lean and strong means taking a holistic approach!

Women don’t want slim without strong any longer. They know that a tight, shapely body and strength and conditioning are a result of a holistic approach: Eating wholesome, nutritious foods in the right amounts Moving more and lifting weights Rocking a positive mindset This is the lifestyle that results in a smokin’ hot, energized body. It’s sustainable and delivers results. But very few programs address all three of these components for fat loss. That’s why today I’m answering frequently asked questions about LEAN AND STRONG, my online training group {Read More…}

4 Tips for EASY Lifestyle Changes

Now Enrolling!Click Here to RegisterLEAN AND STRONGan online training group for women Learn More Sitting in the middle of muckety muck: That’s how it feels when you’re struggling to eat a healthier diet. You can see your diet weaknesses and may even know how to fix them, but you can never move forward. Why is it so hard to make diet changes and how can you eat healthier for the smokin’ body you want? When I begin Lean and Strong, my online training group for women, I ask {Read More…}

Ladies, You’re Not Really Eating for Muscle


Now Enrolling! FIERCE DEFINITION an online training group for women Programs Dates: September 1st – December 1st, 2014 LEARN MORE **** It’s not so easy being a woman who wants more muscle. Cultural norms and mental conditioning cause us to sabotage our own good intentions, especially when it comes to eating for muscle. But ladies, if you want more muscle, you’ve got to let go of your FAT PHOBIA. The Skinny Trap It’s drilled into our heads all our lives that attractive means skinny.  In my experience as a {Read More…}

The Art of Food Tracking (Part 2)

Art of Food Tracking Part 2

We all eat mindlessly to some extent, even when we eat clean. What and how we eat are set to automatic pilot, which is one reason it’s so hard to make meaningful changes to our diets. But stalking your diet (er, food tracking), even for a short time, can help you make both small tweaks or gradual, bigger changes that have a big impact on your life and health. In Part 1 of this series, I talked about how and why to get {Read More…}

The Art of Food Tracking (Part 1)

The Art of Food Tracking (Part 1) | Workout Nirvana

Tracking your food is incredibly illuminating. And while you might imagine yourself tediously scribbling what you ate on a lunch napkin (to the disdain of your coworkers), food tracking has become more of an art than an inconvenience. The secret to getting the most out of food tracking is having a system. Where food tracking often fails is having a consistent system. Tracking seems novel for the first few days, but soon life gets in the way and you just can’t fit it in. Or {Read More…}

The Guide to Clean Eating on Autopilot

quinoa salad

Clean eating continues to be the easy target of tired attacks in recent years. The in-vogue bashers call it obsessive, overly restrictive, and ill-defined, but these criticisms are ignorant and usually accompanied by a hidden agenda. Ironically, clean eating is a series of simple habits that make obsessing and restricting completely unnecessary. Sure, you can get neurotic about pretty much anything if you have that propensity to begin with, including counting calories, measuring food, weighing yourself, and basically monitoring yourself to the Nth degree. And if you haven’t read Tosca Reno’s The Eat Clean Diet, {Read More…}