Just Do It: How to Protect Your Shoulders

Face Pull

If you could see into the future and knew your strength training workouts would be shut down by a shoulder injury, would you start doing things differently today? Not many people spend time maintaining shoulder health, but a lot of people spend time being injured. Shoulder injuries are ridiculously common, and those of us who lift weights should be focused not only building strength and size but on keeping our shoulders healthy. It’s a relatively delicate joint that we punish {Read More…}

Rear Delt Training for Strong, Sexy Shoulders

rear delts 2

When we think of a cut, attractive physique, we think of a V-shaped upper body with defined shoulders and upper back. But even if you have lovely back and arm muscles, if your rear delts aren’t sufficiently developed it will look like something’s “missing.” But there are plenty of reasons to train your rear delts, and train them correctly: Counteract tight chest muscles and rounded shoulders (poor posture) Help protect your shoulders and rotator cuffs from injuries Increase your strength {Read More…}

Blasting Shoulders with a New Routine


Everyone seems to love working their shoulders – they respond well to weight training and look ever so nice when developed. Even if your shoulders are already your best feature, you need to keep challenging them to the max. I recently decided I need to amp it up, so I created a new routine that I’m going to use for the next four weeks. I’ll increase the weight as I go and consequently do lower repetitions. When I’m able to {Read More…}

Using Isolation Exercises to Supplement Your Routine


As you’ve no doubt heard, you can’t spot reduce any area of your body but you can focus on building strength in certain areas if needed. Strive for balance in your body – you’ll accomplish this with compound, multi-joint movements with a few isolation exercises thrown in. You may have heard that  compound movements are better when it comes to weight training. These are the exercises that use many muscle groups at once, including your abs, instead of just one {Read More…}

What a Burn! My Favorite Shoulder Exercises

Shoulders are my favorite muscle group to work and I’ve heard a lot of people say the same. With the right form and exercises, you can see a lot of definition in your deltoids. Along with a muscular back, sculpted shoulders can make your waist look smaller, giving you that attractive V-shape everyone wants. Plus, there are three muscles to hit in your shoulder and many exercises to choose from, making boredom a non issue. If you start to struggle {Read More…}

Being Proactive About Shoulder Pain: Exercises to Prevent Pain

Whenever I see someone in the gym moving their arm in big circles while holding their shoulder, I know they’re not stretching or exercising. It’s a telltale sign of shoulder pain. While no amount of arm circling will make the pain go away, there are exercises you can do to prevent pain in the first place. And you should do them regularly, along with your usual weight training routine. It’s a fact that when you lift weights regularly, you put {Read More…}