Are HIIT Workouts Superior to Steady-State Cardio?

Is  high-intensity interval training (HIIT) really the answer to weight loss and improved cardiorespiratory health? In the last few years, HIIT workouts have become the “go-to” cardio.  Word on the street is that if you’re not doing interval training, you’re training inefficiently. HIIT typically means circuit training, metabolic resistance training, or simply work/recovery intervals on a cardio machine. It’s currently the “hot” method of losing weight and increasing V02 max. I am not against HIIT at all, but I do think it’s important to look {Read More…}

Renewing Your Training with Recovery

Rest days aren’t so bad. After a hard workout you deserve to take it easy the next day. Plus your body needs it. You secretly love it, I know. Yeah, right. Go on, admit it: You think of recovery as something other people do. You? You can go hard every day. You don’t need no stinkin’ rest. And no one’s going to tell you NOT to do what you love. Ok, that’s all good. You can go on the way you {Read More…}

Weightlifting Ideas to Pump Excitement into Your Recovery Week

Ever since I started periodizing my training, I’ve had to grapple with entire weeks of backing off the weights. As those who lift smartly know, you can’t go hard every single day. There need to be lighter intensity weeks cycled in so that your joints can recover from the stress of hard training. I went hard nonstop for years because I hate backing off the weights. Having to lift lighter during my usual routine makes it very hard for me {Read More…}

Got Injury? Choices for Continuing Training

We all get them: inflammation, pain, injuries, or a mere “tweak” in a joint or muscle. These are roadblocks to our goals, motivation, and all that we’re striving for. So we don’t like to think about them. Ironically, the choices we make about how to train around injuries can impact us as much as the actual problem. Continuing to ignore a small, chronic pain can result in a more serious, acute one, so seeing a doctor early on is always a good {Read More…}

Maximizing Results with Rests Between Sets

I am all about circuits with most of my clients. We have 50 minutes to do a full-body workout and we get the job done; there will be no rest. Many people aren’t looking for max power or building muscle. They want health, tone, and weight loss. But in traditional weight lifting, you rest. You rest so that you have enough energy to lift just as heavy for the next set. It’s a big part of your workout and a {Read More…}

Being Unstoppable Means Stopping to Listen

There’s a variety of fitness-minded people who are so passionate about their goals, their activity of choice, that they won’t let anything stand in their way. They are single-minded about gaining the muscle, losing the weight, looking good in a swim suit, setting a new personal record. Other members of this fitness-minded group just don’t like to admit the truth. They keep on trucking along with their chosen activity even when their body says “no.” They keep on going, even {Read More…}