Owning the Weight Room – and Your Strength

I’ve been lifting weights on and off for 15 years. I blog about what’s worked for me and what I’ve learned on my own and as a personal trainer. I know how to get stand-out muscle definition, how to lift safely, and how to eat clean. There are two more things I know about: How to have fun lifting weights, and how to be a woman in the weight room. Many, many women are intimidated by the weight room. Both {Read More…}

Growth in the Gym Not Just About Muscles

When you’re ready to grow in some aspect of your life, you usually know on some level that means trying something new. Whether it’s your job, your relationships, or the way you manage your finances, you know when it’s time to adjust your focus and learn. Your workout routine needs to grow just like other areas of your life, so why do we walk past those mystery machines in the gym day after day and always forget to bring those {Read More…}