Survive the Free Breakfast Buffet, Clean-Eating Style

Not the best breakfast buffet

Oh, how I love free hotel breakfasts. Or to clarify, how I love the price – usually included with the room. It’s rare that I actually love breakfast buffet food. When I’m not busy dodging awkward reaches and jostling by other guests, I’m dodging the horrid food choices. At one hotel breakfast in a sleepy town near a national park, the buffet began with biscuits and gravy, progressed to all-white bread and cereals, and finished off with buttery eggs, slabs {Read More…}

Living Gluten-Free as an Athlete [Guest Post by @LCCotter]


Today I’m excited to have gluten-free expert and blogging buddy Lindsay Cotter here on I’m not gluten-free myself, but I’m sensitive to gluten and have started reducing it. Take a look at Lindsay’s in-depth knowledge about how to work around gluten! ____________ G’day! I’m Lindsay (aka James’ wife) from Cotter Crunch. I am a gluten-free blogger, pro triathlete’s wife (aka the Sherpa), nutrition manager, and yada yada yada. So many titles, should make for some interesting posts, right? Well, {Read More…}

Your Guide to Bloating: Causes and Remedies


“She’s writing about bloating, of all things,” said my nine-year-old when she saw this article. Yes… yes I am. Bloating isn’t a popular topic of conversation, but it has more than likely been on your mind at some point or another. If you experience chronic bloating, you’re probably looking for answers, because you spend a lot of time feeling lethargic, heavy, and crampy. And if you’re not bloated at least occasionally, I hate you. Frankly, the emotional cost of belly distention {Read More…}

Friday Roundup: Favorite Exercise of the Week and Gluten-Almost-Free

Ab roller

I’ve been crushing it with comprehensive articles on da blog lately, so take a look at what’s been happening this week! Favorite Exercise of the Week One of my favorite core exercises is the kneeling ab roller. This VERY challenging exercise is one of the top movements for recruiting abdominal muscle activity, according to a study by the American Council on Exercise (ACE). It’s one of the ONLY pieces of ab equipment I’ll ever recommend. It’s inexpensive and effective. If you’re {Read More…}

Tips for Serving a Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner

Make it fun to have a healthy Thanksgiving dinner

No one is excited about the prospect of gaining weight over the holidays. After all, it’s not just one meal that comprises this season – it’s a series of parties, special occasions, and indulgences over a six-week period. So I’ve compiled healthy Thanksgiving dinner ideas right here along with tips for how to stick to a clean eating plan over the entire holiday season. When you’re mindful of each event that comes up and cook healthier options when you can, all your strength {Read More…}

Friday Roundup: Are Detoxes, Restriction Part of a Clean Eating Plan?

clean eating plan

This week I read two articles that made me ponder: How do detoxes/cleanses and eliminating grains/starches fit in with a clean eating plan? If you’re suffering from digestive woes or want to lose weight, there’s a strong pull to try these two “remedies.” And it’s tough know what’s right when everyone – including the latest best-selling book and everyone in your office – is pushing a new idea. But making major changes to your diet and suffering through fasting can be {Read More…}