The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Squat

Jordan Syatt squat

I’m about to share something with you that could change the way you train forever. If you think squats are important and want to improve your technique – pain-free – you must check out the new Elite Performance Squatting Seminar by powerlifting record-holder Jordan Syatt. In this comprehensive, two-hour seminar, Jordan explains everything you need to know about how you can add pounds to your squat or your clients’ squat with pristine form and no pain. Here’s what you can expect: {Read More…}

Getting Big Results with Box Squats

Getting big results with box squats | Workout Nirvana

Most people know the value of squats – a compound movement that helps to build hamstring, glute, and quadricep strength. Hopefully you’re doing them – with heavy weights – because they’re the best lower body exercise around. But box squats, when done correctly, are also valuable for general lifters. Box squats involve doing a squat with a box behind you. So what’s the difference between that and regular squats? According to powerlifter and biomechanics engineer Scott Dueball, box squats are {Read More…}

Step Up to Strong, Sexy Glutes

When you think of your beauteous backside, which of these comes to mind? A cushy place to sit A part of your body you’re working on Swingin’ it The strongest prime movers in your body There is some emotional baggage to our backside. Most of us think it’s too big. Some of us like it but want to improve it. But most of us really don’t care that the gluteus maximus is the largest, most powerful muscle in our body and that weak {Read More…}

Align Yourself with Proper Squat Technique

Correct barbell squat form

People are protective of their squats. We do them because they deliver superb hypertrophy for the lower body and core if done properly. Even if you can’t go deep, squats work the glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, and your abs all at the same time. It’s not suprising that people get very fixed in their ideas about the best way to squat, especially when the media perpetuates these ideas. But form – using the correct muscles for the movement – is {Read More…}

My Routines for Building Lower Body and Chest

Hack Squat Machine

Many of you are looking for new weights routines and ask what I do. To focus on the great results I’ve seen in the last few months, I wanted to share a few of the routines I’ve been doing. I change my reps, sets, weight, and exercise order frequently and change my exercises every two months. I find this keeps my muscles challenged and boredom at bay. I love starting new routines! I’ll be creating new ones in the next {Read More…}

Using Isolation Exercises to Supplement Your Routine


As you’ve no doubt heard, you can’t spot reduce any area of your body but you can focus on building strength in certain areas if needed. Strive for balance in your body – you’ll accomplish this with compound, multi-joint movements with a few isolation exercises thrown in. You may have heard that  compound movements are better when it comes to weight training. These are the exercises that use many muscle groups at once, including your abs, instead of just one {Read More…}