Women and Creatine 101

Like a lot of women, even though I’d strength trained for years I was still afraid of using creatine. I’m careful about what I put in my body and had more than a few questions: Would this “natural” supplement cause my already sensitive stomach to balloon? Would it turn me into the Incredible Hulk? Is it even safe? After some research, I decided to give creatine a try to see just how far it could take me with my muscle-building goals. {Read More…}

Just a Few Healthy Habits Create a Bitchin’ Body and Health

At the end of the year we reflect. Lately I’ve tried to notice all the small things I do that add up to a bitchin body – both health-wise and aesthetically. This is tough for me because these habits are so ingrained. They seem inconsequential to my daily life, but even missing one of them screws up my day. I’ve come to expect an energetic, pain-free body, happy digestion, and a positive attitude. Barring illness or injury, everything hums along {Read More…}

Using HIIT for Weight Loss, Endurance & Strength

I frequently mention HIIT – high-intensity interval training – on Facebook and Twitter because it’s my get-it-done cardio method. I get bored doing long bouts on the elliptical and HIIT makes the time go fast. Not only can I burn calories but I feel energetic for hours after HIIT and have seen my aerobic endurance increase. And just as with weightlifting, you need to vary your cardio workouts to continue seeing results. If you use the same speed, for same {Read More…}

Fantastic Health & Body: One… Small Action… at a Time

“It is believed that the Babylonians were the first to make New Year’s resolutions, and people all over the world have been breaking them ever since.” ~Infoplease I don’t know about you, but I’m an avoider when it comes to large, abstract things I have to do. I’ve rarely accomplished anything that seemed gigantic or vague. The budget needs work? Uh, sure thing, I’ll get to it. The basement needs an overhaul? I’ll get right on that. You know where {Read More…}

Clean Eating Snacks for All-Day Energy

I don’t think about food much and am not one to cook much either. I’m on healthy-eating autopilot and that suits me just fine. But why should I keep my eating lifestyle to myself? I like to share, even if I don’t like to think about food much. I snack because it keeps my blood sugar at an even keel – I’m wicked cranky without a regular infusion of food. Snacks keep my main meals smaller and prevent me from {Read More…}

Tired or Achy? How to Feel Better

I spend a lot of time these days feeling like an energizer bad ass. And I’m no spring chicken, mind you. Not only that, but I used to feel tired and weak all the time. Sure, I was rear-ended in 2001 and suffered chronic neck pain for years afterwards. But I also felt tired and weak a lot before that. I’ve always been healthy and right around my idea weight, so I didn’t even have a concrete reason. Unfortunately, feeling tired {Read More…}